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Want easy-to-view data for your blockchain or crypto assets? INC4 provides you with a customized monitoring solution to suit your business.

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What is a blockchain explorer?

A blockchain explorer searches for and compiles data from a blockchain network. Like a search engine, parameters can be customized and adjusted to bring up targeted information that is relevant to your organization, all within a navigable blockchain dashboard.

Utilizing a blockchain tracker designed by INC4 means you can get deep insights into transactions, wallets, mempools, and messages through configurable blockchain charts.

Main features

Intuitive dashboard

Businesses, financial institutions, security firms, and government agencies all look for different things. We bring all the information you need to your fingertips, along with ways to use this data constructively through a custom blockchain workbench dashboard.

Blockchain APIs

Grow your blockchain monitoring software with integrated APIs. Receive real-time updates and alerts across multiple blockchains with ease.

Network monitoring with granular data

Go deep into a blockchain and examine from multiple angles to see things that others don’t. Save time by setting parameters that filter solely the information relevant to your investigation

Market and portfolio tools

Take advantage of blockchain lookup tools so you can make smarter business decisions. Ensure that your trading is a result of solid data rather than FOMO.

Blockchain charts for any industry








Real estate

Your industry

No matter your industry, blockchain explorer software allows users to:

  • Explore recently mined blocks, and investigate average block sizes.
  • View the number of transactions, sending and receiving addresses for a crypto
    transaction, and mempool size for transactions not yet confirmed.
  • Monitor exchange trade volumes for any cryptocurrency.
  • Set up a Bitcoin explorer, Litecoin explorer, or dashboard for any other currency.
  • Check which mining pool was used to mine which block.

Blockchain explorer and monitoring
software for your organization

By gaining full visibility of granular data, you can analyze an individual or group’s actions on a blockchain, better understand market sentiment, hedge against future risk, and identify areas of a blockchain that could benefit from greater security. The possibilities for blockchain explorer and monitoring software are endless, and through a combination of best practices and strong communication, INC4 are the team to deliver a robust solution that fulfills the needs of your industry

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