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INC4 is a team of crypto enthusiasts who have been present at the key stages of blockchain development, perfecting the tech and helping clients implement it as part of unique projects for
their business.

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Minerall is the most profitable Ethereum mining pool with high-level security, customizable functionality, and other custom features.
More than just a regular mining pool, the INC4 team has developed a project that is roughly 15% more profitable for ETH mining than any market competitor, giving users the ability to. simultaneously mine several cryptocurrencies and customize mining processes.
  • Minerall is among the top 10 largest Ethereum pools in the world.
  • Over more than 1000 days of operation, the pool has not had any downtime or hacks.
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PembRock is the first leveraged yield farming protocol built on the NEAR blockchain. Users can provide liquidity, farm with leverage, stake, and participate in governance decisions to secure the platform's future, all on NEAR’s fast, secure, cheap, and user-friendly blockchain.

While many DeFi lending platforms still require users to overcollateralize, PembRock`s leveraged yield farming platform undercollateralizes, meaning:
  • A lower barrier to entry.
  • Fewer funds lying dormant.
  • Greater rewards for users.
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Donate to a Ukrainian hospital

The INC4 team is proudly Ukrainian and a lot of our friends and family have been affected by Russian aggression.

While many funds are large in scale, we have been collecting and using our own personal financial reserves to assist a hospital in Mykolaiv. This particular hospital is in a conflict hotspot and has specialized equipment, the upkeep of which has become much more difficult due to government funds diverted to the war effort. By donating to this hospital, you are providing essential services to everyday citizens who are affected by heavy fighting, as well as injured soldiers in the region.
Help Ukrainian doctors fight for the life of injured civilians and soldiers.

What we do

Blockchain development

From designing and developing MVPs to testing and supporting a working project based on distributed technologies.

Smart contract development

Boosting the efficiency, transparency, security and automation of your business.


Tokenizing any physical or digital real-world assets for transparent ownership and investment purposes.


Building lending platforms, DEXes, DeFi wallets, smart contracts, staking platforms, and custom dApps.


Launching marketplaces, creating exchanges, or tokenizing real-world assets with flexibility and custom integrations.

Blockchain consulting

Bringing flexibility to any idea or product, regardless of the development stage, as well as providing the most up-to-date advice based on general and specific trends.

Dedicated CTO

Carrying the load, and taking full responsibility for a successful technical implementation process.


Designing and developing secure, seamless, peer-to-peer dApps.

Meet Igor Stadnyk - CEO and Founder of INC4

Igor Stadnyk - founder and CEO of INC4 and Chief Blockchain Officer at Ambrosus with a software development background, Igor has been part of leading blockchain projects since 2012. Always with a trusted team, Igor has faced many difficult challenges due to the fast-paced nature of the sector; but has always found the best solutions due to experience, creativity, and a mixture of hard and soft skills.

INC4, headed by Igor, is ready and willing to accept tasks of any complexity, forever pushing the boundaries of what is capable in the DeFi sector.

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