Custom GPU Mining Software Development

INC4 provides GPU mining solutions with expert customization. Increase profitability whether you’re using a standalone computer, a mining rig, or operating a mining farm!

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Who We Serve

Our mining solution can be designed for particular coins at your request. Name your GPU and we’ll optimize your software for optimal GPU hashrate and mining performance.

Mining Farms

When operating a mining farm, efficiency and automation are key to successful management. Combined with an interface that allows for full visibility and timely decision-making, you can increase the profitability of your GPU farm.

Rig Miners

Got yourself an expensive GPU mining rig? Put it to full use! Our blockchain experts don’t just make sure of optimal performance but can incorporate advanced monitoring, remote management, integration of specific coins you want to mine, and automatic profit switching, so you’ll always be mining the most valuable coin.

Personal Computer Miners

Ever thought about becoming a GPU miner? With an easy-to-use interface, you can use the power of your personal computer to mine the crypto of your choice. We make overclocking your GPU safe, with automated smart features that monitor and optimize your computing power depending on whether you are using it or not.

Mine crypto the smart way. INC4 customizes its software with your specific requirements in mind. Get started today.

Take Advantage of Custom Mining
Software Development

Overclocking GPU

GPU memory overclock done properly means higher profitability without seriously affecting your hardware. We can take into account whether you are using an AMD or NVIDIA mining GPU, and other variables such as the cost of your power to sustainably get the most from your equipment.

Profit maximization

GPU mining profitability is the name of the game! We can incorporate different mining algorithms and software to ensure you are always mining the most profitable coin at the lowest cost to you. Configure your payout options with automatic and manual algorithm switching.

GPU monitoring

From one computer to a huge mining farm, we guarantee transparency and control from any location. Get custom dashboards on-demand, with monitoring and alerts that can detect and resolve any issues quickly.

Windows and Linux compatibility

Management of GPU miners across different devices is made easy, as we support both Windows and Linux mining capabilities.

Earn around the clock

Custom mining software monitors your GPU memory clock and provides more or less processing power depending on your device’s status. Solo miners can get more bang for their buck when their PC is idle. Earn money in a secure way while you sleep!

Remote rig and mining farm management

Get robust and reliable performance across your devices with a scalable system. Monitor the performance of 1000’s of GPU miners with a dedicated interface that tracks GPU health and power, as well as blocks mined, commissions, and withdrawals.

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Benefits from the Expertise of Blockchain

INC4 has been developing software for miners since 2014, consistently delivering the following:


Lower costs


Optimized resources


Greater visibility and security


Better returns


More flexibility and ease of use

Upgrade your mining GPU tactics and consult with us to see how we can boost your operations, no matter the size, location, or equipment being used.

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