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INC4 is your team for developing blockchain technologies of any complexity.
Whether you need smart contracts, dApps, DeFi, mining software, wallets, or any other unique DLT solution – we’re at your service, 24/7.

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What we do

Blockchain Development

Your ideas deserve the best — that’s why you need our tech stack. From designing and developing MVPs to testing and supporting a working project based on distributed technologies, INC4 possesses a fully-technical arsenal, capable of implementing even the most daring projects.

Smart Contract Development

Legitimize your business with a fast, trustworthy, and convenient tool aimed at eliminating the manual burden of repetitive operations. Our smart contracts will automatically run on your predefined set of rules and conditions.


Looking for a way to digitize an asset on blockchain? This INC4 solution is just for you! We can help you create tokens for energy, real estate, and branding — anything you can imagine. All you need to do is choose the platform and stack that’s right for you.


In order to find a place (in the jungle that is the decentralized finance ecosystem) that benefits you, your service or application must be truly unique. In order to do this, we ensure the delivery of competitive DeFi products with high-output and limitless reach.


Looking to participate in the exciting and innovative NFT market? INC4 can help you with everything from minting your own ERC tokens to creating a user-friendly NFT marketplace, tailored to the collectibles that you wish to host and sell. Simply give us your requirements and we get to work!

Blockchain Сonsulting

At INC4, we advise and thoroughly review all of the components of your project to identify its weaknesses and strengths.
Afterward, we then help you choose the best way to deploy a safe, fast, and secure blockchain network.

Dedicated CTO

We carry the load, bearing the brunt of the responsibility by taking on the technical implementation process. Working in accordance with your business needs, INC4 takes on projects of all complexities — with an SLA guarantee, of course.


Open source, reliable, and robust code. Secure, seamless, and peer to peer — that’s what you get with dApps designed and developed by INC4.

Who wins with INC4?

Although we are an industry-agnostic company, these market players will benefit the most from collaboration.

Blockchain С-levels

Managing a crypto project is not an easy task. Obstacles such as time restraints, levels of responsibility, control areas, and the constant search for professionals within your team, are always present — let us help. INC4 can assist you on your quest to developing the perfect technological solution.

Investors and Business Angels

Whether you are looking for a new project, checking the performance of an existing one, or need help with the execution of an idea, we’re just a click away. In short, with INC4, you’re on the way to maximizing your ROI.

Business Pioneers

Often, the commencement of a project can be both the most frustrating and the most exciting period at the same time. There is a lot to be done, from design, business model performance testing, solving complexities, and finally, production. During each of these complex stages, INC4 acts as your own personal all-star technical team, taking care of the hard work so that you can take advantage of each opportunity for growth.
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The team trusted by the clients

“Thanks to the efforts of the INC4 team, our company was able to improve its performance and became highly regarded in the community. The team's project management was highly flexible and accommodating, allowing for any changes our company requested regarding the workflow.”
“We hired INC4 in order to set up blockchain development, as well as to help develop our operations and a website. INC4 launched the mainnet in only 2 months, and its efficiency is constantly improving. NCIS handled everything — from the blockchain ecosystem to the implementation with Block Explorer and Network Dashboard.”
IoT network for enterprises
“INC4 designed and developed our website for a multi-coin mining pool. Their team built and configured the front and backend of the site and provided UI/UX design. Today, Minerall is ahead of the pack in terms of market profitability. Recently, we placed within the top-10 ETH mining pools world ranking, for managed capacity. I am highly satisfied.”

Choose your solution

One of our complete white label solutions with a customization according to your needs will definitely suit your requests.

Blockchain Monitoring Software

Explorers, customized dashboards, and other web interfaces to visualize data for your blockchain or crypto assets. With our INC4 solution, your team and users will instantly receive the most detailed information, including transactions, hash rates, growth metrics, etc.

Mining Pool Software

Choose a cryptocurrency and we’ll create a mining pool for it based on speed, reliability, and security. In addition, we will also be sure it contains all the necessary software to operate and manage the pool smoothly.

Custom GPU Miner

Utilize a custom mining solution designed for coins or algorithms at your request. Even better — name your GPU and we’ll optimize our software so you can enjoy an unrivaled performance.

Crypto Wallets

Allow your clients to store, send, and receive their crypto assets in a secure and convenient way. We use the latest encryption methods to design solutions compatible with projects from any crypto-sphere.
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At INC4, we consider your request, shaping it into project specifications.

Secondly, we suggest the optimal tech stack, team composition, and time frame.

Next, we design and develop the project according to SLA agreements.

Finally, once the work has been completed, the project receives continuous maintenance — either from our INC4 team or your internal development team.

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