Asset tokenization

Convert the ownership of any physical or digital real-world assets into tokens. Powered by blockchain.
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Why tokenize your assets?

In a nutshell, tokenization means flawless transparency, increased security and reduced asset transaction costs. Precious metals, real estate, securities, utilities and even documents – INC4 ​​will make any asset globally accessible through a legally compliant token structure.

Advanced technologies to serve business

Every business seeks to increase its capital by cutting out the middleman. This is what tokenization does

Enhanced liquidity

Tokenization means potential profits. Tokens allow automatic transactions with ownership rights; that is, peer to peer trading, thanks to the smart contract add-on. A whole new market of crypto-assets will open for you.

Extreme transparency

In tokenization, everything is subject to smart contracts, from user rights to tracking and recording all transactions on the blockchain. The chances of fraud are significantly reduced.

Higher accessibility

Blockchain allows you to split previously unsplittable assets into the smallest possible parts. This means opening the door to a larger number of investors, including smallholders.

Support for any business logic

Asset-backed tokens can be created taking into account tokenomics. This is where you are the one regulating the supply and distribution of digital assets.

Tokenize with INC4

We adhere to a proven approach to asset tokenization, where the whole process can be divided into several important steps.

All that is required from you is an idea.

Business modeling

Together with you, we will study the business model and propose the type of tokenization we think suits you best.

Technical design

Development of a technical basis and linking tokens to the logic of smart contracts, written according to the business goals defined in the first stage.


After the necessary tests, we will run your project on mainnet.

Further advice

INC4 ​​provides support for the project's performance and helps to resolve any emerging issues.

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