Smart contract audit

Our smart contract audit service will help you protect your blockchain solutions, fix high-cost bugs, optimize code, and build trust among the users and investors.

Oleksiy Pyltsov

Chief Architect

Looking to establish trust and recognition for your project among the users?

Our team of experienced smart contract auditors is here to help. With INC4 expertise, we go above and beyond to safeguard your digital assets and data. Count on us to deliver an unparalleled smart contract auditing experience, exceeding your expectations and delivering exceptional results.

Types of projects that need smart contract audit


How we can help with our smart contract audit services?

Security consulting

We provide clients with unparalleled Web3 security and risk management expertise, enabling them to make informed investment decisions.

Security audit

A smart contract security audit by INC4 helps identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a project, protecting the team and users from financial losses.

Penetration testing

We find and identify vulnerabilities in your project infrastructure with our penetration testing service. With our pentest methods, you’ll get solid cybersecurity recommendations.

Risk assessment

A smart contract risk assessment by our company will help identify and assess the potential risks associated with a smart contract before it is deployed in a blockchain network.

Vulnerability assessment

We use various analysis techniques and vulnerability detectors when auditing smart contracts to identify bugs, malicious code, and compilation problems, ensuring security and reliability.

Source code audit

Our expert team conducts a comprehensive review of the source code, architecture quality, and relevant documentation using a combination of automated and manual techniques.

Interested in conducting a security audit in partnership with INC4?

Why does your project need smart contracts audit?

Prevent high-cost failures

Security vulnerabilities in a project can pose a significant risk. The biggest hacks can be caused by security flaws in the code, which underscores the importance of a thorough security audit.

Improve your coding way 

Get a smart contract audit by INC4 to detect security flaws, product logic bugs and for a comprehensive review of your smart contract code.

Build trust with audience

To increase confidence in the product, prioritize two key elements: open-source code and smart contract audit. This will ensure a thorough security assessment, giving users visible reliability in the project.

Protect against hackers

Identify potential vulnerabilities in a system with help of our smart contract auditors who subsequently address these weaknesses before malicious entities can exploit them.

Enhance performance  

Improved code optimization and increased smart contract performance positively impact your project’s security, gas usage, user experience, trust, and scalability.

High security

Conduct thorough assessments to detect vulnerable parts in your existing project. With a detailed report, you can optimize your code for improved security and performance.

Smart contract security audit process

Schedule a call

We assess your security needs and share our approach and methodology we can use for your project.

Get a quote

After receiving the required information, you will be provided with an estimation of the audit’s scope, timeline, and pricing.

Conduct the audit 

The INC4 team works closely with you to increase the security of your product to its highest possible level.


We will provide a report with detected vulnerabilities and recommendations for fixing them, empowering you to address security risks.


After submitting the initial audit report, our developers promptly fix any detected issues and bugs, either from the client’s side or from our end, as needed.

Remediation check

Once fixes are implemented, our team will conduct a comprehensive remediation check to verify the accuracy and effectiveness of all changes.

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