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INC4 has been a trusted managed services provider for almost a decade, and our DevOps-as-a-Service offerings are among our most sought-after solutions. Our extensive experience in this area can help you improve your project’s quality, speed, and efficiency, ensuring it stays ahead of the competition.

Serhii Hovorov

Lead DevOps

The essence of DevOps transformation is in its continuous improvement and innovation.

Faster development processes, comprehensive security, and reliable predictability when implementing new functionality are three critical project’s goals that every company should strive to achieve. As a blockchain DevOps company, our mission is to support you in accomplishing these objectives, regardless of your current stage in the DevOps journey.

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Optimize project costs and resources

Our approach aims to maintain the integrity of your company’s processes and tools while simultaneously reducing costs and enhancing productivity.

Create a blockchain infrastructure

Whether you need to set up in-house nodes or maintain a private blockchain, DevOps engineers help you define nodes’ operating environment and hardware configuration.

Orchestrate and scale the ecosystem

We empower a project to quickly scale infrastructure resources as needed, providing the flexibility to handle sudden highload while maintaining optimal performance and efficiency.

Speed up and automate deployment

By automating the deployment process, you can achieve greater efficiency and agility, reduce recovery time after downtimes, while minimizing production time and associated risks.

Hold data migration

You can trust INC4 for a seamless data migration process, avoiding the unpredictability of extended downtimes, business disruptions, and the potential loss of data.

Set up monitoring important metrics

Working in pairs with backend specialists, our DevOps professionals create endpoints for gathering metrics via Prometheus and hand them to developers for further visualization through dashboards, charts, or graphs.

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Our blockchain DevOps engineers can help you with

Cloud cost optimization

Our approach starts with comprehensively analyzing your organization’s cloud usage and expenses. Based on our findings, we suggest solutions to optimize your cloud utilization and unlock additional savings. Then we collaborate to implement and improve your cost optimization strategy.

Infrastructure management

Our blockchain DevOps can set up an environment for development, testing, or production within a blockchain ecosystem on the devnet, testnet, or mainnet. Code delivery from one repository to another, known as deployment automation, goes hand in hand with infrastructure setup.

Project migration

As the migration process can be tricky and must be carefully thought out, our team will guide you through the fundamental steps – the planning, practice, and production migration phases. Whether you decide on Cloud to Cloud, Monolith to Microservices, or Cloud to Bare metal server, our professionals are here to help you.

Monitoring systems

To ensure decentralized and robust operations of both individual blockchain nodes and the entire blockchain network, our experienced team can set up warnings sent via PagerDuty about malfunctions, issues, highload, etc. We can create metrics gathering through Prometheus for your unique needs and visualize it with Grafana.

Indexer development

Blockchain indexers are software that simplifies queries and searches in blockchain data. Since almost the majority of decentralized apps rely on indexers, integrating them into your dApp development process is likely important.

Nodes development

Our team can help you set up in-house nodes, their maintenance, node provider selection specific to your need, and load optimization through load balancer development which will react to traffic increase or decrease. If you decide to build your own RPC provider, we assist with API configuration for remote calls and an interface’s UI/UX design.

How we work processes


This phase aims to bring everyone involved on the same page. Before starting Discovery, we get to know each other and define actual business needs and your personal expectations and how we can fit them.


The most important step is research. We don’t start coding at random; we conduct fundamental research and produce a comprehensive action plan to implement.

Architecture & Design

Still no development yet. After the research, we craft the product’s architecture and measurably think through the user flow. Only after designing the foundation can we move further.


Here is where the project appears. Blockchain engineers, Back-end and Front-end developers work in synergy to craft the best-in-class outcome.

Testing & Audits

No release is made without testing. We have a high-qualified QA team who test all the product peculiarities on testnet, devnet, and remote mainnet before going public.

Release & Support

We don’t launch projects and leave them. We are highly interested in projects’ success and continue to be involved in their growth by supporting products and developing new functionalities.

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Our DevOps managed services help you remove barriers and improve your project’s productivity.

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Success story

Ambrosus the best


Ambrosus network was designed as an open-source Layer-1 blockchain ecosystem for supply chains, guaranteeing the traceability, quality, compliance, and appropriate handling of items that are tracked within the network.

One of the main challenges the client wanted to solve was to minimize company costs for using servers and developers’ tools. During our collaboration, we reduce the cost of servers from €68K to $400 monthly with the same performance and reliability.

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