Stablecoin development

Stablecoin development service allows you to create your stablecoin, reducing the risks of cryptocurrency volatility. Hire a team of well-experienced blockchain developers that will navigate you through the fast-growing market and assist with development from the very beginning to the launch.

Igor Tkachenko

Lead Blockchain Developer

Create a safe money storage within the cryptocurrency infrastructure.

Anchoring their value to external assets, stablecoins offer stability, predictability, and trust, crucial for wider adoption and seamless integration into traditional financial systems.

Our stablecoin development services

Stablecoin consulting

Develop a solid strategy and roadmap for building and launching your stablecoin offerings with our team’s assistance. We provide expert guidance to help you navigate the complex world of stablecoin development.

Stablecoin development

Utilize our stablecoin development services to create a customized stablecoin that mitigates the risks of crypto volatility. We tailor our development approach to your unique requirements, leveraging our domain expertise and extensive experience in stablecoin development.

Varieties of stablecoins we can develop

Fiat-backed stablecoins

Fiat-backed stablecoins offer stability, familiarity, and liquidity, making them reliable and convenient for users as a store of value and transactions.

Cryptocurrency-backed stablecoins

Cryptocurrency-backed stablecoins are backed by cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, and their value is pegged to the value of the underlying cryptocurrency.

Commodity-backed stablecoins

Commodity-backed stablecoins are backed by commodities, such as gold or oil, and their value is pegged to the value of the underlying commodity.

Non-collateralized stablecoins

Non-collateralized stablecoins do not have any backing and instead use complex algorithms to maintain their price stability. They aim to maintain a stable price by adjusting their supply to market demand.

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The advantages of using stablecoins 


Stablecoins can provide a stable and reliable foundation for a project, which can help to attract users, investors, and partners and ultimately contribute to its liquidity and success.

Non volatility risks

By providing a non-volatile risk profile, stablecoins can help reduce risks associated with price fluctuations and contribute to a project’s long-term success and sustainability.


It’s vital to have a transparent and predictable stability mechanism in place. This includes well-defined collateral or algorithmic rules, regular audits, and transparent reserve policies.

Low-cost fees

Commissions are lower and more cost-effective for transfers compared to traditional methods due to fees and delays, making them an affordable option for transactions.

Ecosystem growth

Stablecoin integration fosters the growth and stability of the ecosystem, improving efficiency, liquidity, and adoption. It mitigates price volatility risks and drives increased activity.

Investors attraction

Investors are attracted to stablecoins because of their stability, transparency, and ability to use them in various financial services applications.

Which use cases for stablecoins exist?


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How we work process


This phase aims to bring everyone involved on the same page. Before starting Discovery, we get to know each other and define actual business needs and your personal expectations and how we can fit them.


The most important step is research. We don’t start coding at random; we conduct fundamental research and produce a comprehensive action plan to implement.

Architecture & Design

Still no development yet. After the research, we craft the product’s architecture and measurably think through the user flow. Only after designing the foundation can we move further.


Here is where the project appears. Blockchain engineers, Back-end and Front-end developers work in synergy to craft the best-in-class outcome.

Testing & Audits

No release is made without testing. We have a high-qualified QA team who test all the product peculiarities on testnet, devnet, and remote mainnet before going public.

Release & Support

We don’t launch projects and leave them. We are highly interested in projects’ success and continue to be involved in their growth by supporting products and developing new functionalities.

Our stablecoin development services assist you with stablecoin creation form the start to deployment

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