Blockchain Wallet Development

Our experts create customized crypto wallets for individuals and companies. Single- and multi-currency, with expansive functionality to suit your needs.

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Any Wallet - Any Specification

We leverage our extensive blockchain experience to create a range of wallets.

Mobile wallet

Take your DeFi wallet wherever you go! We build to incorporate the capabilities of your device and prioritize quick peer-to-peer transactions, multi-factor authentication, and accessibility.


Web wallet

Reach your wallet from any device, transact multiple currencies easily and gain extra safety from secure anonymous networks.


Desktop wallet

Utilize a wallet direct from your PC, with optimized features for your operating system. Feel confident that your private keys are not stored on a third-party server.


Hardware wallet

Hardware wallets store your cryptocurrency on a physical device that supports the coins of your choice. Talk to us about creating a hardware wallet compatible solution.


Multicrypto wallet

We can support a mix of your desired cryptocurrencies, with a dashboard that allows you to monitor, transfer and run calculations easily.

Want a white-label Bitcoin wallet? We can make it happen with your desired features included. Get in touch and we can start cooperating!

A range of custom wallet features

We have worked with businesses and entrepreneurs to create crypto wallets on-demand, with custom features accommodated.

Here are some of the most popular crypto wallets:

  • Tailored interface - We design your wallet with your operations in mind. Key features are put front and center for easy interaction.
  • Enterprise-grade security - Encryption, ultra-secure servers, and multi-factor authentication. We take the safety of your assets seriously.
  • Advanced tools - Monitoring, conversion, and trading tools can be built in and expanded to assist your financial operations.
  • Cross-platform capabilities - Work with any type of wallet on Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. Our infrastructure doesn’t discriminate, offering the best performance according to your requirements.
  • Verification - KYC/AML features built for crypto wallets that have a wide rollout or that need to comply with specific regulations.
  • OTC trading - Allow direct and swift asset trading with a secure connection and customized features.

Why Choose the Crypto Wallet Development Experts at INC4?

Our specialists have been involved with crypto pretty much since its inception, watching the landscape change and updating our technologies to stay at the forefront of this innovative sector. From mining pool development to blockchain supply chain management, we’ve helped a range of businesses around the world find success in this niche.

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