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We specialize in developing cryptocurrency wallets catering to both your requirements and users’ expectations. Wallets we create support single or multi-currency options and come with extensive features to accommodate your specific needs.

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Looking for custom blockchain wallet development services?

We specialize in developing cryptocurrency wallets catering to both your requirements and users’ expectations. Wallets we create support single or multi-currency options and come with extensive features to accommodate your specific needs.

Solutions for cryptocurrency wallets we can implement

Custodial wallet

By opting for custodial wallets, you can delegate the responsibility of safeguarding your private keys to a trusted third-party until you need to make a transaction. This can relieve you of the burden of managing and securing your keys.

Non-custodial wallet

With a non custodial wallet, you have complete control over your private keys and funds, providing you with a greater sense of security. Our team offers non custodial wallet options to fit your specific needs.

Multi-currency wallet

A multi-currency wallet allows you to manage multiple cryptocurrencies in a single wallet, providing convenience and ease of use. You can easily buy, save, sell, and trade all your digital assets from a single, secure location.

DeFi wallet

Are you looking for a DeFi wallet that offers advanced features for managing your decentralized finance assets? Our team can help! We provide customized DeFi wallet solutions that offer secure and easy management of your digital assets.

Looking for a white-label crypto wallet?

Our team is ready to help bring your vision to life and add all the features you need. Don’t hesitate, get in touch with us today and let’s start collaborating!

Crypto wallets types we are ready to help with

Mobile crypto wallet

Looking for a convenient way to manage your cryptocurrency on-the-go? Our mobile crypto wallet provides an easy and secure solution for managing your digital assets from your mobile device.

Desktop crypto wallet

Our desktop crypto wallet provides a secure and user-friendly solution for managing your digital assets from your computer. With our customized desktop wallet, you can easily buy, sell, and store your cryptocurrencies in a safe and secure environment.

Web crypto wallet

Our web-based crypto wallet provides a convenient and accessible solution for managing your digital assets from any device with an internet connection. With our customized web wallet, you carry out any cryptocurrencies operations in a secure and user-friendly environment.

Hardware crypto wallet

If you’re looking for an ultra-secure way to store your cryptocurrencies, cold wallets are the way to go. We can help you dealing with the functional soft for the hardware wallet. Also, INC4 cares about all firmware development to provide you with software that runs on embedded systems, thus safeguarding your digital assets with the utmost security.

Key features of cryptocurrency wallets we can implement

It is a crucial security feature that ensures your crypto wallet is secure. Our wallet solutions offer automated logout to prevent unauthorized access to your wallet. INC4 cryptocurrency wallet development services is your way to make modern wallet solutions work for your peace of mind and secure your cryptocurrency investments.

Our wallet solutions offer in-built token-swapping functionality, eliminating the need for separate wallet integration services. Our team will provide you with wallet solutions that can streamline your cryptocurrency transactions and help you with a hassle-free experience.

Looking to empower your users to securely participate in trading activities and stake their cryptocurrencies on DeFi platforms? Our solutions are aimed at that. As part of cooperation on services in this direction, you will receive a secure and user-friendly wallet for your crypto needs.

Two-factor authentication is a security measure that provides an additional layer of protection to your account by requiring a second verification step after entering your password. With this service, you can keep your cryptocurrencies safe and secure. It’s never too late to add two-factor authentication to your crypto wallet and improve it.

Losing access to your cryptocurrency wallet can be a nightmare. That’s why we offer automatic backups as a service to ensure your data is always secure and recoverable. With our solution, you can easily back up your wallet and restore it at any time, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your cryptocurrency management.

Our expert team of developers meticulously design cryptocurrency wallets that provide seamless support for multiple digital assets, allowing users to easily store, send, and receive a variety of cryptocurrencies all in one place. With our advanced multicurrency wallet technology, you can offer your users a secure and efficient way to manage their digital assets.

Our wallet solutions can eliminate the need for manual copying of wallet addresses by providing automatic QR code scanning for address inputs. That’s what you need to streamline your transaction processes and obtain a hassle-free experience.

We offer the service of developing cryptocurrency wallets with real-time conversion rate updates, ensuring that users have access to the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information.

Let’s create blockchain wallet together

Cryptocurrency wallet development process

Initiation Phase

To ensure that we meet your expectations and objectives, our wallet development process begins with thorough requirement gathering and analysis. We strive to ensure clear communication and understanding between both parties.

Architecture & Design

Our team of cryptocurrency wallet development experts prioritizes stunning and intuitive UI designs to simplify the navigation process for your wallet users. At this stage we also care about architecture in crypto wallet development to make transactions fast, secure, and scalable.

Prototype creation

Before a large amount of work, we create a prototype (PoC) of the future crypto wallet development process. Then our team of experts begins gathering a list of required tech stack and integration types. Finished customized product we share with you to give a better idea of how your app, web or platform will look and feel.


Once we receive approval, we begin the crypto wallet development process using the latest tools and technologies. Our technical team ensures that the project is completed within the agreed timeframe, and we deliver the results you will be satisfied with.

Testing & Audits

During development, we conduct comprehensive testing, including penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and the final release of the source code. Trust the professionals and get a quality, safe product you can be proud of.

Release & Support

After launching the app, our work doesn’t end there. We provide bugs fixing, new features implementation, and strategic planning for further scaling or pivoting. For clients who decide to pause active development, we offer a helping hand in case of any issues with their product.

Why consider INC4 as reliable crypto wallet development company?

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Blockchain networks we work with

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Tech stack we use

Success story

Mobile Crypto Wallet

One of the cases on the development of crypto-wallets, which the INC4 team implemented, was aimed at simplifying banking by providing a secure and convenient way to trade and borrow Bitcoin and Ethereum directly from the smartphone. The team handled every aspect of the project – from the ground, including research and takeover, to custodial provider adaptation and feature development to the joint iOS and Android development. Working together with our specialists, the client promptly got a dependable and efficient solution.

Wallet Bitcoin Ethereum

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