We make great dApps

Having been at the forefront of dApp development since its beginning, we have continually refined our skills to deliver cutting-edge applications that are secure, reliable, and utilize robust code.

No matter the industry, we develop dApps that fulfill all the requirements to take your business into a decentralized future.

Employ dApps with maximum efficacy

Decentralized applications, like their centralized counterparts, can be used in any niche and to any effect. Benefits include greater privacy, wider scalability, and complete data integrity.
We have worked with over 90+ blockchain projects, which means we can understand what is needed at any stage of production. Our experts can act as a full-cycle development team, or slot in to augment a project that is already up and running with complete commitment, flexibility, and creativity.

Build or refine a dApp with INC4

Our passion for decentralized applications of all types means we can create something technically sound, fresh and engaging.
We build:

Decentralized Exchanges and Wallets

We design and build customized decentralized exchanges and wallets with rock solid foundations, security, scalability and the ability to connect to external exchanges via distributed shared order books and APIs.

Smart Contracts

We write and test robust smart contracts on any blockchain, which can be deployed within a dApp to suit any industry.

Decentralized Storage Applications

With privacy a growing consideration, we create functional decentralized cloud storage platforms that facilitate peer-to-peer transactions efficiently.

We offer:


Full-cycle custom dApp Development

From initial strategy, to prototyping and building, we turn a feasible idea into a cutting-edge product that is delivered to your satisfaction.

Advanced functionality

We can take an existing product and improve its functionality, adding components to give it wider scope and interoperability with wallets and other blockchain services.

dApp Testing and Updates

We know what it takes to get a product to market successfully. We can run tests at each stage of development and across different devices to ensure smooth deployment.

If your application is already up and running, we can complete a health check, make updates and run any other service to ensure the dApp meets its intended targets.


dApp Porting

Simply give us your requirements and we can port your existing application to the platform of your choice.

Build Your dApp with INC4

Although each application is unique, we provide the following framework for
bringing your product to life.

Identifying Targets and Defining a Strategy

We get to know your industry and aims inside and out, so we can set your dApp up for success.

Team formation

Our team of professionals is handpicked to form your decentralized development team and then we get straight to work!

Development and Deployment

We develop and test your dApp according to our rigorous standards across a range of devices.

Continued Support

INC4 ​​provides project performance support and helps to resolve any emerging issues quickly and efficiently.

What our clients have to say

“Thanks to the efforts of the INC4 team, our company was able to improve its performance and became highly regarded in the community. The team's project management was highly flexible and accommodating, allowing for any changes our company requested regarding the workflow.”
“We hired INC4 in order to set up blockchain development, as well as to help develop our operations and a website. INC4 launched the mainnet in only 2 months, and its efficiency is constantly improving. NCIS handled everything — from the blockchain ecosystem to the implementation with Block Explorer and Network Dashboard.”
IoT network for enterprises
“INC4 designed and developed our website for a multi-coin mining pool. Their team built and configured the front and backend of the site and provided UI/UX design. Today, Minerall is ahead of the pack in terms of market profitability. Recently, we placed within the top-10 ETH mining pools world ranking, for managed capacity. I am highly satisfied.”

Looking to create a powerful dApp that really makes an impact?

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