Smart contract development

With INC4’s smart contract development, you can automate your agreements on the blockchain effortlessly. Our team is adept at designing tailor-made smart contracts that simplify your transactions and ensure compliance with business regulations. 

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Smart contract development is essential for your dApp's success.

Cooperation with a smart contract development company automates business processes, reduces intermediaries, and provides security, accuracy, and transparency. It streamlines processes, reduces costs, and gives a competitive advantage in today’s digital economy.

Our smart contact development services

Smart contract architecture
Smart contract architecture involves creating a decentralized network that utilizes blockchain technology to verify and execute transactions based on predetermined conditions. Our team works closely with stakeholders to develop error-free workflows and functional descriptions for smart contracts.
Smart contract development

INC4 has extensive experience in creating state-of-the-art smart contracts. We use the latest tools and practices to design and build custom self-executing contracts that meet the specific needs of each industry. Our smart contracts are thoroughly tested and future-proof, providing a reliable solution for your business needs.

Smart contract optimization

INC4 provides smart contract optimization services to improve the performance and efficiency of existing smart contracts. It is vital for the smooth work of smart contracts to eliminate vulnerabilities, thus improving efficacy and identifying areas for improvement, such as gas fee reduction, code optimization, and security enhancement.

Ensure strong security for smart contract with our audit services

Smart contracts empower Web3 projects

Smart contracts for DEXs

At INC4, we create custom smart contracts for decentralized crypto exchanges, enabling automation and secure contract management. Our expert developers can create custom smart contracts that support automation and contract management while ensuring the security of your confidential data.

Smart contracts for wallets

Smart contracts for wallets enable the automation and execution of secure and transparent transactions on a blockchain network. Launch a highly secure crypto wallet with INC4’s smart contract development services. Our services ensure the security of your wallet and provide reliable solutions.

Smart contracts for NFTs

Smart contracts for NFTs enable developers to automate the creation, distribution, and ownership of NFTs in a secure and transparent way. INC4 professionals can help to reduce the need for intermediaries, streamline the transaction process, and provide users with greater control and ownership over their digital assets. 

Smart contracts for DAO

Smart contracts for DAO by INC4 is a service that provides secure and efficient development services for decentralized autonomous organizations. Our experts are here to help you automate your DAO operations with custom smart contracts tailored to your specific needs.

Token smart contracts

A token smart contract facilitates the creation and management of digital tokens on a blockchain network. This enables the trouble-proof execution and automation of token transactions between wallets, making them faster, more secure, and transparent.

Smart contracts for dApps

We strive to facilitate the effectiveness and credibility of dApps and smart contracts by guaranteeing high scalability in new applications. Working with us you will receive a tamper-proof, transparent, and highly secure smart contract for your dApp.

Explore smart contracts benefits

At INC4, we create custom smart contracts for decentralized crypto exchanges, enabling automation and secure contract management. Our expert developers can create custom smart contracts that support automation and contract management while ensuring the security of your confidential data.

Smart contracts are programmed to execute automatically and accurately once all conditions of the contract are met, eliminating the possibility of human error. By using smart contracts, involved parties are sure that their transactions execute precisely as intended, reducing the risk of disputes and the need for costly resolution processes.

Smart contracts leverage blockchain technology, which provides a decentralized and secure platform for executing transactions. Smart contracts are tamper-proof, thus reducing the risk of fraud, hacking, or any other unauthorized access. Overall, smart contracts provide a highly secure way of executing transactions, which can benefit businesses and individuals alike by protecting their assets and data.

Smart contracts provide the benefit of disintermediation, enabling parties to transact directly without intermediaries. This reduces transaction costs, increases speed, and streamlines business processes while reducing the risk of errors and disputes.

Smart contract development on various blockchain networks

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Our smart contract development process


This phase aims to bring everyone involved on the same page. Before starting, we get to know each other and define actual business needs and your personal expectations and how we can fit them.

Budget estimation

After receiving the required information, you will be provided with an estimation of the work scope, timeline, and pricing.


Still no development yet. After the research, we craft the smart contract’s architecture and measurably think through the user flow. Only after designing the foundation can we move further.


Here is where the smart contract appears. Blockchain engineers work in synergy with back-end engineers to craft the best-in-class outcome. Also the unit testing appears there to determine if the contract works as designed.

Testing & Audits

No release is made without testing. We make a comprehensive internal audit using a local blockchain and subsequently on a testnet. This meticulous audit process verifies that the contract functions as intended and complies with all established security standards.

Release & Support

We don’t launch smart contracts and leave them. To ensure ongoing monitoring and prompt detection of any irregularities, we leverage various tools to make you easy to actively monitor contracts on the mainnet, receiving timely alerts in case of any anomalies.

Tech stack we use

Success story

PembRock Finance

PembRock Finance is the first leveraged yield farming project built on NEAR, integrated with Ref Finance DEX and other dApps in the blockchain’s ecosystem. With a focus on automation and user-friendliness, the platform aims to bring in new users with stable lending returns and the ability to obtain undercollateralized loans for yield farming with up to 3x leverage.

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