AI-Pay Gateway

Our team is dedicated to the fusion of AI and blockchain to create a product that streamlines the user experience, eliminating the necessity for multiple registrations while providing a centralized repository for all essential tools and resources.

AIWeb development
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Custodial Wallet Development

INC4 team was aimed at simplifying banking by providing a secure and convenient way to trade and borrow Bitcoin and Ethereum directly from the smartphone. We handled every aspect of the project – from the ground, including research and takeover, to custodial provider adaptation and feature development to the joint iOS and Android development.

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Rated Stable Pools Development on DEX

The INC4’s team was contacted to develop a generic RatedSwapPool and custom peg implementation for stNEAR/NEAR, utilizing Rust smart contract technology and U384 math upgrades. With support for stable pools and accurate liquid staking asset value calculations, Ref Finance has attracted additional liquidity and increased user activity.

dAppsDeFiNEARSmart Contract
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Multi-Coin Mining Pool Minerall

The client’s idea was to create a private pool similar to the classic SaaS, with secure login and password registration, customizable functionality, and other custom features. Our team helped transform the concept into a multitool solution that allows users to mine several cryptocurrencies simultaneously as well as customize their mining processes.

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OFP: NEAR-based Open Source MRV Protocol

Open Forest Protocol (OFP) is a blockchain-based open-source platform for the communal verification, reporting, and financing forestry projects. We took on the responsibility of developing the technical infrastructure, dashboard, and application to make a transparent and accurate MRV product with superb usability.

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Leveraged Yield Farming Platform Development

PembRock Finance is the first leveraged yield farming project built on NEAR, integrated with Ref Finance DEX and other dApps in the blockchain’s ecosystem. With a focus on automation and user-friendliness, the platform aims to bring in new users with stable lending returns and the ability to obtain undercollateralized loans for yield farming with up to 3x leverage.

dAppsDeFiNEARSmart Contract
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DAO for L1 blockchain

AirDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that governs the Ambrosus network and its collection of dApps. It is distinguished as the first DAO to cover a complete L1 blockchain ecosystem. The organization is creating a comprehensive suite of digital products and services that simplify Web3 and provide advantages to the average user through a single, user-friendly dashboard.

DAOdAppsDeFiNEARSmart Contract
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Social media and content monetization platform development

Yofan is a social media and content monetization platform created to change how creators earn from their content. The user-friendly interface allows users to upload photos & videos and then share them on various social media. With Google AdSense integrated into Yofan, influencers can share their passions and monetize their work.

Web development
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RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) Provider Development

GYNN is remote procedure calls (RPC) provider that delivers an easy way to access blockchain data without the hassle of manually managing a node. It eliminates the need for customers to set up and maintain their own in-house node, saving them time and money.

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