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We specialize in creating blockchain explorers that offer real-time data and an improved user experience for tracking, viewing, and extracting statistics related to a blockchain platform’s network.

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Wonder how you can benefit from blockchain explorer development?

Blockchain explorer enables users to gain deep access to valuable insights into your network based on the latest data resources available. With this tool, they can quickly identify transactions, analyze data, monitor activity, and much more.

Who will benefit from block explorer


They can monitor essential metrics for their blockchain nodes that affect their stable operation. These include uptime, number of nominators, slashes, amount of staked assets, etc.

Crypto enthusiasts

Users rely on blockchain explorers to obtain detailed information about their wallet addresses and transactions, such as info about the total value of their asset holdings, moving and sending, receiving assets, etc


With detailed blockchain info charts, they can analyze fees, profits, and risks in depth to make crypto transactions and decisions about using their assets.

Blockchain ecosystem

By using a blockchain explorer, you get a tool that allows you to track important information about the state of the blockchain, such as block speeds, network congestion, and memory pool. This same tool makes it easier for users to interact with all the available metrics of your blockchain.

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We can help

New blockchains

We are ready to deliver all accumulated experience and expertise to implement blockchain explorer from scratch to the ready-to-use product

Existing blockchains

We assist in upgrading an existing blockchain explorer, including both the technical aspects and UI. Also, we can help with creating the missing components your project requires.

Visualize blockchain statistics with a dashboard development

Blockchain dashboard development is key for essential user experience. With the help of dashboards, interaction with blockchain is taken to a new level of understanding and involvement. Real-time data and powerful visualization by blockchain charts offer users a high level of interactivity, allowing them to make better decisions based on up-to-date information, analyze trends more efficiently, and gain valuable insights into the data that drive their decisions.

Blockchain charts we can build

Transfer volume

Transaction history

Block details

Transaction volume

Mempool size

Total hash rate

Tech stack we use

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Specify your goals

Clearly state a project scope and requirements. At this step, you should be able to explain what kind of product you want to create. So we could analyze how many developers you need and what skills or experience they should process.

Contact our representative

Share your request with us. Urgently need an extra pair of hands? We have ready-to-go experts available. Otherwise, we scan our talent pool to find suitable professionals. Is personal involvement a priority? We invite you to take part in the interviewing process.

Hold an introductory call with the PM

The last but not least step is partnering with a project manager. This specialist is vital for successful goals completion. He defines requirements, tracks the implementation roadmap, and acts as a liaison between the team and you as a customer.

Let the project start!

Success story


Since 2019, INC4 and AirDAO have been working together to support and facilitate new ideas. We have rebranded and developed the blockchain explorer from the ground up using such technologies as Typescript, React, Redux, and SCSS on the front and Go, C++, and RocksDB on the back. Using our knowledge and experience, we quickly created an effective and reliable solution for client’s needs.

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