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Gain maximum revenues through custom mining pool software. INC4 has the experience to build a robust solution to meet all your needs.

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What is a mining pool and how
does it work?

A mining pool is a coordinator, allowing cryptocurrency miners to best combine their computing power to find and mine blocks. The revenue generated from mining is shared throughout the mining pool, dependent on the amount of hashing power that each member has contributed.

Being in a pool means coins are mined quicker, with the greater output resulting in shorter payment times for miners. You can join or design a Bitcoin mining pool, or a mining pool for many of the most popular altcoins. Whether through a smartphone, personal computer or specially built mining rig, you can harness the processing power of your device to build a cryptocurrency portfolio.


Cutting-edge mining pool design

INC4 makes mining accessible, no matter whether you are targeting beginner or advanced miners.
  1. Advanced monitoring with a clear interface - A functional interface improves your decision making, delivers alerts, and allows you to easily view your projected output.
  2. 99.999% uptime - Based on our previously released products, our mining pools enjoy near 100% uptime.
  3. Profitability - Tests have shown that one of the mining pools we created is 15% more profitable than competitors. Your custom product can benefit from the same design.
  4. Multiple coins supported - Bitcoin and Ethereum mining pools are popular, but they are just the start. You can create mining pools for Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, Ethereum and more.
  5. Security - We follow enterprise-grade standards for security, keeping your connection safe.

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How do mining pools pay out?

Each mining pool is different in the way that it pays out to its users. There are factors to consider around both payment and withdrawal.

Payment models

Pool mining can bring different payouts, depending on the model used to calculate distribution of funds. The most common are Pay-Per-Share, Full Pay-Per-Share and Pay-Per-Last N Shares

Payment frequency

There are differences between how often mining pools payout. Some do so everyday, others less frequently. There are also often options for automatic or manual payouts depending on user preferences.


Payout limits can apply, where users are required to reach a certain threshold before they can withdraw their crypto.

Mining pool fees

Both mining pool and withdrawal fees can apply, which differ from service to service.

Solo Mining vs Pool Mining

While some choose solo mining, pool mining can bring clear benefits:

Quicker returns

Depending on the crypto and your hardware, mining a block can take a long time. Being in a pool allows for the faster mining of blocks, bringing more regular returns.

Increased odds

Having the processing power of a mining pool increases the odds of being awarded profitable blocks quicker, and having the resources to solve them efficiently.

Access to tools

Mining pool software involves the integration of tools and features to increase visibility, productivity and security.


For any good mining pool there is always a support team available to make sure issues are dealt with swiftly and smoothly.

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Leveraging existing mining pool software vs
building a custom mining pool


With our software development you can:

  • Get a mining pool customized to incorporate different hardware.
  • Create a reward-sharing system based on PROP, PPS, PPLNS and more.
  • Tailor the interface to your operational needs.
  • Incorporate Proof-of-Work (PoW) or Proof-of-Stake (PoS).
  • Leverage smart mining features to get the best price for your output.
  • Integrate different currencies. Want a Litecoin mining pool? What about a Dogecoin mining pool? We can make it happen!

Reach out to INC4 today, and we can help create the best mining pool software for you.

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