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As a blockchain development company, INC4 can provide you with a team of highly skilled blockchain experts. Assign us part of the development, interface creation, or testing while you focus on more valuable areas of your project.

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Looking for proficient blockchain developers to fill skill gaps in your team?

Blockchain developers for hire are the key to fast and reliable project launch and financial efficiency. Together we analyze your current and long-term development needs and avoid expensive and time-consuming recruitment processes.

Blockchain developers for hire

dApp developer

Hire our blockchain developers to create secure, flexible, and efficient decentralized applications based on your requirements. Our dApp developers provide advanced and progressive technologies to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition.

DeFi developer

Whether you’re building a lending platform, wallet, or DEX, our DeFi developers can assist you with its implementation, missing components creation, and integration. Engaging UI and strong backend skills provide hassle-free and efficient solutions, thus quickening the project’s launch.

Smart contract developer

Our developers can help you create the architecture for your existing or new project using blockchain networks and smart contracts. With our non-template approach, you’ll get a custom-tailored, precise solution that fits your specific needs.

Crypto wallet developer

Our team of front-end and back-end developers provides features for deploying and launching different types of cryptocurrency wallets. INC4 engineers easily integrate the features you need — two-factor and biometric authentication, KYC verification, automatic conversion rates, etc.

Dedicated DevOps

Working with DevOps experts, you can achieve optimal project performance while decreasing expenses. Our dedicated team has a comprehensive suite of blockchain DevOps services to help you with cloud optimization, server management,  highload systems, data migration, and scalability issues.

NFT developer

Engage our engineers to build and launch your custom NFT marketplace. Our blockchain specialists employ a results-oriented approach to create an NFT platform for trading exclusive assets and to fulfill tailored business requirements.

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Hiring blockchain developer benefits

Smart budget optimization

Hiring blockchain developers is an intelligent and efficient way to maximize your time and cut outlays. INC4 eliminates the costs of office space, equipment, and taxes associated with traditional hiring.

Wise use of time

With INC4, you don’t have to spend hours searching for the right developer. Before team formation, we vet every developer to be the perfect fit for your project and deliver the most bang for your buck.

Extensive talent pool

Engaging blockchain engineers opens up ample opportunities for collaboration with top industry professionals. We match your requirements with our expertise to guarantee you get what you want.

No legal and HR hassle

We handle all the paperwork and other administrative tasks related to hiring a blockchain developer, so you can focus on what really matters — growing your business.

Skip the hiring risks – partner with experts from the start

Success story

OpenForest Protocol

INC4 accepted the challenge of creating a project’s technical architecture and functionalities on NEAR, launched only two months before. Despite all the risks, the professional dedicated team successfully started from the UI/UX design of the protocol’s modules and ended with the final delivery of OFP’s smart contracts and user interfaces to the NEAR Ecosystem Mainnet. Now we continue scaling the existing platform, adding further integrations, and implementing new features.

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Hire blockchain engineers in a few steps

Specify your goals

Clearly state a project scope and requirements. At this step, you should be able to explain what kind of product you want to create. So we could analyze how many developers you need and what skills or experience they should process.

Contact our representative

Share your request with us. Urgently need an extra pair of hands? We have ready-to-go experts available. Otherwise, we scan our talent pool to find suitable professionals. Is personal involvement a priority? We invite you to take part in the interviewing process.

Hold an introductory call with the PM

The last but not least step is partnering with a project manager. This specialist is vital for successful goals completion. He defines requirements, tracks the implementation roadmap, and acts as a liaison between the team and you as a customer.

Let the project start!

Engagement models we offer

Time & Material
  • Quick start
  • Agile approach
  • Budget flexibility
  • Dynamic conditions
Fixed Price
  • Set costs
  • Fixed timelines
  • Detailed specifications
  • Required deliverables
Dedicated team
  • Cost efficient
  • Focused approach
  • Full-time dedicated resources
  • Full control over development

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