Staking platform development

Create robust and secure staking platforms with INC4’s blockchain development services. We offer custom solutions at scale, with a user-friendly interface and unique features inside.

Oleksiy Pyltsov

Chief Architect

Want to be ahead of the pack with the latest innovations implemented in your project?

Staking-as-a-Service is gaining momentum. And INC4 team is ready to boost your development by providing extensive expertise in building any type of staking platform, whether you need a custodial or non-custodial solution. 

We can develop a DeFi Staking solution or any of below

Non-custodial staking

Our blockchain experts can provide full-fledged service for validators’ nodes on more than 50 popular blockchains. While our engineers take care of needed equipment, developers offer best-in-class software, and dedicated DevOps guarantee smooth deployment and 24/7 support.

Liquid staking platform

We can implement a liquid staking model where users can deposit tokens on your platform and receive a representation of their staked assets as liquid tokens. These tokens open the world of DeFi for your users and can be swapped, transferred, or used for other purposes while still earning staking rewards.

Liquid staking derivatives

INC4 has skillful team members ready to build derivatives on top of your or other existing liquid staking technology. Such derivatives enlarge opportunities for users in DeFi – they can take leveraged positions on the staking rewards or hedge against market risks by taking shorting or longing staked tokens on diverse platforms.

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Essential features of the crypto staking platform we can build

User–friendly interface

The core problem of decentralized platforms is to satisfy users with a straightforward interface. The tandem of INC4’s UX designers and developers can bring incredible results in crafting the best staking experience for your users.

Distributor validator technology

This fundamental tool for liquid staking ensures the uninterrupted work of your funds and automates the nomination process and distribution of staked amounts between network validators. We can assist with its implementation.


Our experts can organize the mechanisms of paying staking rewards in real-time, so users always get their rewards on time, and you have satisfied users. Additionally, we can gather data on the dashboard so you can track all your incomes and payouts. 

incomparable security

The INC4 team will manage all the security measures to protect your staking product against malicious activity and loss of funds. Furthermore, we can assist with searching for an audit provider to guarantee the product’s safety.

DeFi staking platform can also extend the functionality of

Trading platform
Exchange platform
Lending platform
Leveraged yield farming

Let’s implement staking feature to your existing project

Why choose INC4 as a DeFi staking platform development company?

Project delivered








How we work process


This phase aims to bring everyone involved on the same page. Before starting Discovery, we get to know each other and define actual business needs and your personal expectations and how we can fit them.


The most important step is research. We don’t start coding at random; we conduct fundamental research and produce a comprehensive action plan to implement.

Architecture & Design

Still no development yet. After the research, we craft the product’s architecture and measurably think through the user flow. Only after designing the foundation can we move further.


Here is where the project appears. Blockchain engineers, Back-end and Front-end developers work in synergy to craft the best-in-class outcome.

Testing & Audits

No release is made without testing. We have a high-qualified QA team who test all the product peculiarities on testnet, devnet, and remote mainnet before going public.

Release & Support

We don’t launch projects and leave them. We are highly interested in projects’ success and continue to be involved in their growth by supporting products and developing new functionalities.

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Blockchain networks we work with

BNB Chain

Tech stack we use

Success story


Flerken is a non-custodial staking operator that supports over 7 blockchains and is fully developed and supported by INC4.

Our previous experience with the mining pool Minerall which had 20+ nodes operated with 100% uptime, made a solid foundation for Flerken formation. We have started from NEAR Protocol as it has the lowest entry threshold for validators among top PoS blockchains. Since January 2022, it has been live and has had zero operational gaps.

Infrastructure DevOps NEAR Cardano Ethereum

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