Blockchain consulting services

INC4 blockchain consulting team provides expert guidance on developing intricate decentralized solutions. Our skilled professionals, with a proven track record of successful projects, will assist you in utilizing blockchain technologies in your business.

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Assessing the economic feasibility of using blockchain technology

INC4 offers feasibility studies and Proof of Concept testing for tailored blockchain solutions. The team of experts analyzes projects for economic benefits and risks of blockchain implementation.

Lack of internal blockchain and Web3 expertise

INC4 delivers a comprehensive blockchain solution concept, including architecture design, features, and tech stack recommendations, alongside integration planning for seamless implementation.

Deficient in deep technical blockchain expertise

INC4 tech experts evaluate your projects’ architecture, development costs and plans, and processes to optimize efficiency and compliance. Receive a complete report and strategic recommendations to ensure your project is executed flawlessly.

Mounting costs of blockchain project

INC4 optimizes project performance and resources cost-effectively. Our blockchain consultants analyze, streamline, and minimize expenses without sacrificing quality, keeping projects within budget.

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Blockchain consulting services

Transformative advisory

The INC4 team analyzes your case to show how blockchain benefits your business. Our consultants guide projects with the best technologies, team composition, and execution plan.

Costs optimization

At INC4, we specialize in cost optimization for existing processes and solutions, while also leveraging blockchain technology to further enhance efficiency.

Proof of Concept

INC4 assists businesses in testing and validating blockchain-based ideas by creating customized proof of concept. The team helps identify and address potential issues before full-scale implementation.

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Industries benefiting from blockchain development consulting



Real estate


Gaming and entertainment

Retail and e-commerce

Supply chain and logistics

Energy and utilities

Centralized finance & banking

Government and public sector

Blockchain consulting process


Feasibility, objectives, and workflow approval process


Blockchain compatibility analysis


User flow, wireframe and demo creation


Blockchain product development guidance


Product integration into business operations


Tracking of deployed product

Blockchain solutions we specializes in

Blockchain-based platforms
Decentralized applications
Cross-chain bridges
Private blockchain
Cryptocurrency wallets

Tech stack

Our blockchain advisory background

Project delivered








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