Blockchain consulting services

INC4’s blockchain consulting services offer expert guidance to individuals and businesses for implementing blockchain technology. Benefits include improved efficiency, cost reduction, and increased trust between parties.

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Our blockchain consulting services offer expert guidance for businesses seeking to integrate blockchain technology into their operations. Our experienced blockchain consultants will help you identify use cases, implement solutions, and improve transparency and efficiency in your internal processes.

Consider consulting services as a starting point if you are

Facing a challenge in assessing the economic feasibility of using blockchain technology

Our team can conduct a feasibility study and provide a Proof of Concept to test the viability of a blockchain solution for your specific use case. INC4 experts as well make a thorough analysis of your project to identify the potential economic benefits and risks associated with implementing blockchain technology.

Out of in-house competencies to create a clear concept for your blockchain solution

Our team provides a full-scale blockchain solution concept with an architecture design, a detailed feature set, and a recommended tech stack for product development. We’ll also create an integration plan with the required software to ensure a seamless implementation process.

Concerned about the mounting costs of your blockchain project

We offer cost-effective solutions to optimize performance and resources for your blockchain project. Our experts conduct a thorough analysis to reduce costs, streamline processes, and minimize expenses without compromising quality. Together we can ensure that your blockchain project stays within budget while achieving your desired outcomes.

Lacking the technical expertise to develop and seamlessly integrate a blockchain solution

The team creates a detailed roadmap for your blockchain implementation, including a risk mitigation plan, project cost, and time estimates. Then we start an end-to-end blockchain implementation, which includes blockchain solution development, integration with the required software, quality assurance, maintenance, and support. 

Our blockchain consulting services

Consultancy & business transformation

We examine your specific case and provide a thorough understanding of how blockchain can benefit your business. Our expert consultants will suggest the right technology, team composition, and detailed implementation plan.

Strategy workshop and training

We conduct blockchain workshops and webinars to help you and your team understand the technology’s potential use cases and impact on your industry. We also provide training to upskill your team’s knowledge of blockchain.

Crypto payment gateway development

Our blockchain consulting company provides crypto payment processing services to enable businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments securely and efficiently. 

Processes & cost optimization

We offer a cost optimization service that involves conducting a comparative analysis of possible strategies for blockchain implementation. If you have already implemented or want to approach the execution competently, we will help you optimize costs and choose the best technical solutions.

Proof of Concept development

We help businesses test and validate their blockchain-based ideas. Our team can design and develop a customized PoC that demonstrates the feasibility of your blockchain solution, helping identify and address any potential issues before the full-scale implementation.

End-to-end blockchain solution

We provide customized solutions catering to your business needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient blockchain implementation. Our experts can help you with blockchain solution design, end-to-end development, integrations, quality assurance, maintenance, and further support.

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Blockchain solutions we specializes in

Blockchain-based platforms

We offer design and development of customized blockchain products that meet specific business needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience. We are prepared to take on any project from concept to implementation and support.

Decentralized applications

We can develop dApps for various modern industries, considering their peculiarities and specific needs. By cooperating, you get dApp development services, leveraging blockchain technology that results in secure, transparent, and decentralized products.

Cross-chain bridges

We provide cross-chain bridge development services, enabling seamless interoperability between different blockchain networks. At start, we analyze project’s goals, proceed to quality design, and develop customized multichain bridges that facilitate the transfer of assets and data.

Private blockchain

INC4 offers private blockchain development to businesses seeking a secure and efficient distributed ledger system. Our blockchain development team can design and set up a tailored network that ensures transparent data management, allowing to streamline business operations while maintaining security and integrity.

Cryptocurrency wallets

By offering crypto consultation for wallet development services, INC4 provides secure and user-friendly digital wallets that enable the safe storage and management of cryptocurrencies. Our experts can develop customized cryptocurrency wallets for different platforms, including mobile, desktop, and web-based applications. We use the latest security measures to ensure your digital assets are always safe. 


INC4 provides DAO development services to businesses seeking to harness the advantages of blockchain technology. Our specialists are proficient in decentralized decision-making, community-driven governance, and transparent funds management. We work with you to analyze your objectives and design a self-sufficient, autonomous organization without centralized control.

Blockchain consulting services benefit industries

Real estate
Gaming and entertainment
Retail and e-commerce
Supply chain and logistics
Energy and utilities
Centralized finance & banking
Government and public sector

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Our blockchain advisory background

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Blockchain consulting process


Our team of blockchain consultants dives into the workflow and defines the objectives of your business, evaluating the feasibility of the desired blockchain solution.


Our team evaluates your current project through technical analysis to determine its compatibility with blockchain technology, identifying where blockchain can be leveraged for your specific use case.


We build user flows and wireframes with essential features to map solutions to existing requests. The resulting demo serves as a proof-of-concept for evaluating the feasibility before the main development.


Upon deciding to commence with blockchain technology development, our team assists in building the blockchain product, starting from UI/UX design to complete front-end and back-end implementation.


Our team of blockchain consultants seamlessly integrates new technology into your business operations, while closely monitoring the environment to ensure its successful implementation.


We keep tracking deployed solutions in order to ensure they don’t cause any bugs and achieve the required goals.

Blockchain networks we work with

BNB Chain

Tech stack we use

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