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Polygon (formerly Matic network) is an innovative solution that optimizes blockchain networks’ efficiency, streamlines operations, and cuts costs and complexities. We are here to help you integrate it into your processes and achieve your business goals.

Benefits of choosing Polygon for your project

Proof-of-stake (POS) model

PoS model means reduced energy consumption, lower transaction fees, and increased scalability for your project. It also offers faster transaction confirmations, improving the overall user experience and enabling efficient handling of high transaction volumes.

Protocol architecture

The architecture boasts a robust and well-structured framework consisting of four layers: Ethereum layer, security layer, Polygon networks layer, and Execution layer. This carefully crafted approach ensures a reliable and scalable infrastructure for your project.

Optimistic rollups

The blockchain introduces a native solution that facilitates smooth interactions between Layer 1 and 2. By implementing this technology, Polygon ensures the integrity and accuracy of operations across different layers, enhancing efficiency and reliability.


Polygon combines multiple off-chain transactions into a single unit using zero-knowledge proofs. The consolidated transactions are seamlessly integrated into the Ethereum network, ensuring efficient processing without compromising security or reliability.

Ethereum compatibility

Polygon has all the advantages of the Ethereum ecosystem, like robust security and a user-friendly experience. Besides, it offers interoperability, scalability, and modularity. One more important thing is low gas fees. They usually move from $0.0005 to $0.2.

High scalability

It achieves remarkable scalability without compromising security or decentralization by leveraging various scaling techniques such as sidechains and plasma chains. This means your project can support more users and scale seamlessly as it grows.

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Our Polygon blockchain development services

Polygon blockchain consulting

Our consultants offer comprehensive support for businesses developing Polygon-based projects or incorporating the technology in existing solutions. We provide specialized technical expertise, strategic guidance, and project management to meet your needs.

Polygon smart contract development

Our team of talented blockchain Polygon developers specializes in building smart contracts that streamline transactions, minimize reliance on intermediaries, and adhere to predetermined rules. This automates processes, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and trust.

Polygon dApp development

We provide customized development services for creating dApps across various sectors, including DeFi, NFT marketplaces, gaming, and DAO projects. With our comprehensive services, you can bring your innovative ideas to life and thrive in dApps.

Polygon wallet development

Our Polygon developers create secure multi-currency wallets with cross-platform compatibility, advanced features like QR scanners, and more. With our expertise, you will get a wallet full of all the desired features.

Polygon NFT marketplace development

Our Polygon developers can create feature-rich decentralized NFT marketplaces that allow users to browse, create, buy, sell, mint,  trade, and auction their NFTs. All the desired opportunities are in one place.

Polygon integration services

We’ll work with you to optimize your project, ensuring it can thrive within the Polygon ecosystem. We also can expand your project by supporting an additional blockchain, specifically Polygon, even if it was initially developed on a different blockchain platform.

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Polygon development use cases

Digital payments
Decentralized identity
Real estate
Logistics & supply chain
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Polygon solution development process


This phase aims to bring everyone involved on the same page. Before starting Discovery, we get to know each other and define actual business needs and your personal expectations and how we can fit them.


The most important step is research. We don’t start coding at random; we conduct fundamental research and produce a comprehensive action plan to implement.

Architecture & Design

Still no development yet. After the research, we craft the product’s architecture and measurably think through the user flow. Only after designing the foundation can we move further.


Here is where the project appears. Blockchain engineers, Back-end and Front-end developers work in synergy to craft the best-in-class outcome.

Testing & Audits

No release is made without testing. We have a high-qualified QA team who test all the product peculiarities on testnet, devnet, and remote mainnet before going public.

Release & Support

We don’t launch projects and leave them. We are highly interested in projects’ success and continue to be involved in their growth by supporting products and developing new functionalities.

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