The tech team to help your product flourish

Whether you’re looking to harness blockchain as part of your business, or implement a cutting-edge blockchain solution, our knowledgeable and skilled team of engineers is here to assist.

Our blockchain consultants can guide, educate, build and provide any other service in between to ensure the best chance of success.

There’s always a need for a second opinion

With 90+ projects under our belt, we have the type of knowledge that can only come through hands-on experience, which is what we want to pass on to you.

Developing or implementing a project can be stressful, time-consuming, and at times perplexing. Having a safe pair of hands with demonstrated experience can help demystify some of the more difficult elements of the project, provide needed direction, and highlight where employees can better allocate their resources. What’s more, an experienced outside view can shed fresh light on a vital element that hasn’t been considered.


Our consulting services

Great consulting involves elevating a project through product-specific knowledge, an understanding of wider trends, and a firm grasp of the specifics of the task at hand. As well as possessing the ability to learn about and stay on top of general and specific trends, we bring flexibility to any idea or product, regardless of the development stage.

Product and
strategy assessment


Technical services
(Solution design, Prototyping, Building, Customized Assets)


Our expertise

Blockchain is a sphere that is developing rapidly, with new branches and forms of technology being implemented all the time! We stay on top of all the trends
We are focusing on the following:


DeFi solutions

Smart contracts for any industry


Mining software

Crypto wallets

What our clients have to say

“Thanks to the efforts of the INC4 team, our company was able to improve its performance and became highly regarded in the community. The team's project management was highly flexible and accommodating, allowing for any changes our company requested regarding the workflow.”
“We hired INC4 in order to set up blockchain development, as well as to help develop our operations and a website. INC4 launched the mainnet in only 2 months, and its efficiency is constantly improving. NCIS handled everything — from the blockchain ecosystem to the implementation with Block Explorer and Network Dashboard.”
IoT network for enterprises
“INC4 designed and developed our website for a multi-coin mining pool. Their team built and configured the front and backend of the site and provided UI/UX design. Today, Minerall is ahead of the pack in terms of market profitability. Recently, we placed within the top-10 ETH mining pools world ranking, for managed capacity. I am highly satisfied.”

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