In 2017, INC4 was contracted to develop a blockchain for Ambrosus — a global IoT network for supply chain management. The development of the company’s own hardware and technology had been on track, but the technical implementation of the Ethereum-based solution was at risk. Ambrosus needed a boost to meet its deadline and present the decentralized network in strict accordance with the project’s roadmap.


Stemming from Ambrosus’s concept, we decided to develop a decentralized solution with an architecture that had never been seen before. Despite 2017 being a year of frenzied blockchain development, less than 1% of all projects would go on to deliver working prototypes. We had our work cut out for us, with the project requiring us to solve several essential tasks.
Ambrosus’s solution had to be a one-of-a-kind, fault-tolerant and reliable blockchain, where user funds would be 100% protected. The team also had to develop the entire accompanying infrastructure.


The progress of the system’s development was divided into several stages to meet all of the requirements mentioned above. Each stage of the project focused on specific issues.
Initially, the INC4 team was asked to join the project as skilled advisors, whose expertise could speed up the realization of Ambrosus’s vision. However, after an initial audit and several personnel changes (which took place within the client’s company), it became clear that failure would likely occur with implementation based on the current terms.
Here is how the project roadmap looked:

  • Auditing and consulting

  • DevOps optimization

  • Development stage

  • Testing

The first step on the way to creating a seamless Ambrosus blockchain was to conduct a comprehensive audit of the finished technical segment, and an audit of the processes within the teams. In addition, we offered a development-on-demand methodology that allowed our professionals to reinforce client teams that were facing urgent problems.
After an extensive auditing process and a close examination of each of the teams, the system was broken down into several segments, and INC4 entered the project as a full DevOps service. As a result, the client’s team was staffed with highly skilled blockchain engineers, including web and full-stack developers, allowing the developmental process to finally begin.

As a result:

  • The blockchain was optimized for interconnectivity with IoT devices, sensors, existing ERP systems, and other enterprise management software;

  • Ambrosus Ecosystem offers proof of origin and traceability services;

  • Ambrosus has the following products: AMB-NET, AMB-GATE, and AMB-TRACE;

  • AMB-NET has a sidechain, Emerald Circuit;

  • In the crypto world, Ambrosus offers synthetic AMB and AmberEX Explorer.

Ambrosus ecosystem

Over time, Ambrosus has grown into a tremendous ecosystem that includes IoT and sensor devices, self-deployed Hermes Masternodes, and a complete DLT platform to onboard new projects such as the Emerald Circuit or ICOs, as well as any side-chain based IoT projects. Ambrosus has recently joined forces with a leading Singaporean business accelerator to provide proof of origin and traceability services.


INC4 successfully developed a blockchain ready to work with the company’s hardware, including IoT and Mobile, and continues to operate as Ambrosus’s technical partner. Our team is involved in all aspects of ecosystem development.
More than 500 decentralized node operators
Developed in just 4.5 months
100+ times more scalable than Ethereum
Up to 100 transactions per second

Services we provided


  • FrontEnd development

  • BackEnd development

  • Blockchain development


  • Golang

  • Django

  • MariaDB

  • Clickhouse

  • Telegram API