Case study Ambrosus

ProductBlockchain, Cryptocurrency
VerticalSupply chain management

Key challenge
Implementation of a first-of-its-kind solution in a short time frame
TechnologyEthereum, Solidity, AngularJS, Node.js

The background

In 2017, INC4 was contracted to develop a blockchain for Ambrosus — a multinational IoT network for supply chain management. The development of the company’s own hardware and technology has been on-track, according to plan, while the technical implementation of the decentralized solution (based on Ethereum) was at risk due to several coinciding factors. Ambrosus needed a boost in order to meet the deadline and present its own decentralized network without violating the project’s roadmap.


Stemming from the example of Ambrosus’ concept, we decided to develop a decentralized solution with an architecture that had never been seen before. Considering 2017 was the year of blockchain development pioneers, less than 1% of all projects were able to deliver working prototypes, despite the fact that the Ethereum technology has been well-known since 2015. As a result, the project required us to solve several essential tasks at once:

  • Uniqueness: To do what no one has done before. 
  • Tight deadlines: As the client’s team has been attempting to create a solution on their own for some time, we inherited a short deadline. 
  • The need for a turn-key solution: Instead of an MVP, the client needed a ready, fault-tolerant, and reliable blockchain where user funds would be 100% protected. 
  • Complexity: The development included not just the decentralized solution, but also the entire accompanying infrastructure.


The progress of the system’s development was divided into several stages in order to meet all of the requirements mentioned above. Each stage of the project focused on specific issues.

Below is a quick list of the project roadmap:

  • Auditing and consulting
  • DevOps optimization
  • Development stage
  • Testing

Initially, the INC4 team was asked to join the project as skilled advisors, whose expertise could speed up the realization of Ambrosus’s vision; however, after an initial audit and several personnel changes (which took place within the client’s company), it became clear that the chance of failure was too high with the declared terms of implementation. In other words, obligations to investors might not have been fulfilled.

The first step on the way to creating a seamless Ambrosus blockchain was a comprehensive audit of the finished technical segment, as well as an audit of the processes within the teams. During this stage, we offered a «development-on-demand» methodology that allowed the INC4 professionals to reinforce client teams that needed to solve urgent problems.  

After an extensive auditing process and a close examination of each of the teams (along with the Ambrosus developers), the system was broken down into several segments, and INC4 entered the project as a full DevOps service. As a result, the client’s team was staffed with highly-skilled blockchain engineers, including web and full-stack developers, finally allowing the developmental process to begin.


INC4 successfully developed a full-fledged blockchain ready to work with the company’s hardware, including IoT and Mobile. Besides, the INC4 team was involved in the development of all key aspects of the system: from nodes and servers to the user-interface and dashboards. 

Switching to a remote-based development team allowed the client to achieve astounding results after only 4.5 months of cooperation, two of which were spent on auditing. Moreover, proper debugging of all processes and system elements allowed for the reduction of some operational costs as well. For example, the cost of server maintenance was reduced fifteenfold. The INC4 team successfully continues to work with the client as a technical team.   

Services we provided:

  • FrontEnd development
  • BackEnd development
  • DevOps  

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