Long Story Short

INC4 was born at the very beginning of one of the most disruptive events of 2010’s – the rise of Bitcoin.

As a team of crypto-enthusiasts, we live and breathe blockchain technologies: from mining, smart contracts, exchanges and wallets to fully customized private blockchains and decentralized applications. At each key milestone of the industry, we were there, studying the technology and helping customers implement it into their unique projects.
Today, INC4 has a holistic-based approach to development. We’re ready to share our expertise with you and make even your boldest ideas a reality!

We’ve always said that the best way to check the quality of any project is to ask yourself whether you’re proud of it or not. No matter the project, this is our approach — it’s always quick, agile, and accurate.

The Best Ideas Deserve The Best Technologies

Whenever we’re solving client tasks, we always make sure to use the most diverse technology stack available with a particular focus on blockchain. At the same time, we can take on parts of functional development tasks, operating as a fully- remote team, hand-picked to match your requirements.
Blockchain + Web + Mobile

INC4 Solutions

Smart Contract

With INC4 expertise, you can build your
concepts faster and more efficiently

Unlike internal development teams,
we can offer:
  • The right professionals for the job;
  • A scalable capacity;
  • The ability to accomplish more in less time;
  • The elimination of micromanagement.
Unlike traditional remote teams, we:
  • Effectively communicate with you;
  • Listen to you and analyze the problem;
  • Deliver a blockchain-focused attitude;
  • Are equipped with a diverse project portfolio with vast amounts of experience


Meet the Leadership Team

INC4 is built by industry experts passionate about blockchain and customer success

Chief Executive Officer

Igor Stadnyk

Igor is a top-rated domain expert in developing blockchain and high-load systems. In addition to that he has vast experience in team management with a successful track record and spent over 14 years creating projects for clients in different industries including advertising, trading, telecom, IoT sector, and others.

Chief Technical Officer

Valeriy M

Valeriy has over 16 years of experience as a CTO building reliable and helpful IT systems for businesses from a wide variety of backgrounds. Valeriy is an expert in strategy development and leading teams to ensure the execution of any technological tasks. Since 2012, he has been focusing on implementing blockchain solutions for INC4 clients.

Chief Operating Officer

Alina T

After six years of leading financial and legal departments in different IT-sectors, Alina focuses on efficient operations executing and financial management. Her role ensures constant product delivery, legal control, and performance measurement.

Project Manager

Julia S

Having launched more than 10 successful projects globally, Julia specializes in project management and aligning all processes between remote and clients teams. Julia is in charge of our operational efficiency.

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