Mobile Crypto Wallet Development

Mobile crypto wallet for Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Our mobile crypto wallet is a simple, convenient, and secure alternative banking solution that enables users to easily trade and borrow Bitcoin and Ethereum directly from their smartphone.



Develop a custom wallet for mobile (Android and IOS).


Craft the borrow functionality (USD against BTC or ETH collateral).


Team members

1 back-end developer, 2 front-end developers, 1 QA engineer, 1 designer, 1 project manager.



The development took with numerous change requests from the client’s side

Tech stack we used

Golang MongoDB Docker
React.native TypeScript MobX
Intercom Cloudflare Twilio AWS Cognito Sendgrid Firebase App Center Plaid Google Authenticator
Custody provider
Prime Trust

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Research & takeover

Initially, the development was carried out by another product team, and at the beginning, we had to collaborate with them. When we entered the project, we started investigating everything to be done before. After the analysis of all existing technical components, we provided the list of recommended improvements.

Custodial provider adaptation

Our client has chosen a custodial provider, and our task was to adapt our product to the provider’s conditions and specifications. Basic tools became available to the users: deposit and withdraw for BTC, ETH, and USD. We’ve implemented buying and selling features with the help of the provider. Moreover, ACH and Wire transfers have been connected to work with fiat currency.

Additional features development

After setting up the basic functionality, we could move to the expansion of the toolset for users. We crafted the borrow functionality so that users had an opportunity to borrow USD against BTC or ETH collateral. There were two options for users. The first was a loan when users borrowed USD for a certain period of time. The second was an open-ended credit line, where users had to pay a monthly fee for the use of borrowed funds.

Joint iOS and Android development & public release

The development of the mobile crypto wallet was conducted simultaneously for iOS and Android, which diminished the timing for development. In the end, we have successfully released the crypto wallet to the AppStores and started collecting data and feedbacks for further development.

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Project outcome

Wallet released in full capacity to the AppStores. 

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