AirDAO: Сommunity-governed L1 blockchain

Decentralized autonomous organization for the L1 blockchain ecosystem

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AirDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that governs the Ambrosus network and its collection of dApps. It is distinguished as the first DAO to cover a complete L1 blockchain ecosystem. The organization is creating a comprehensive suite of digital products and services that simplify Web3 and provide advantages to the average user through a single, user-friendly dashboard.



Rethink and create a new vision for the Ambrosus network that will allow ecosystem supporters to shape the direction and decisions for future blockchain growth and be rewarded for doing so.


Smoothly redesign the official website while integrating product dashboard, multichain bridge, and block explorer with new branding.


Lower the entry barrier and increase the adoption of DAOs by creating a user-friendly platform that abstracts away the technical complexities of setting up and managing a DAO.


Review the current tokenomics model, identify the key mechanics that incentivize token holders and stakeholders, and assess the token model’s compliance with the existing jurisdictions.

Team members

Architect, TechLead, 4 Blockchain Developers, 3 DevOps, 3 Front-End Developers, 2 QA, Project Manager, 1 UI/UX Designer, 3 Advisors


It took us for the new concept launch

Tech stack we used

Smart contract
Solidity Node.js
Golang C++
SCSS React Redux TypeScript

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AMB-NET and Nodes development

Initially, AirDAO Network operated on a node system divided into three distinct categories: validators (Apollo), storage nodes (Atlas), and blockchain gateways (Hermes).

Our main task was blockchain rethinking, so we focused only on Apollo nodes. Validator nodes play a vital role in the AirDAO ecosystem by securing the network and executing transactions; in return, they receive block rewards as payment for their work.

Block Explorer development

We created a Block Explorer for a fast and effortless way to access the AirDAO Network ecosystem through a user-friendly interface. The explorer lets users view the balances of wrapped or native tokens associated with specific blockchain addresses and provide information on transactions, contracts, blocks, nodes, etc.


Our team created a staking platform for AirDAO from scratch as one of the choices to simply join the ecosystem. Users can start earning rewards with just a few clicks without setting up a node. Our team has ensured that configuring and onboarding a new node is fully automated. Also, we decided to avoid a lockup period — users can withdraw their funds anytime.

Bridge development
This release is a significant milestone for AirDAO, complementing the already-operational BNB Smart Chain Bridge. As a crucial step towards the long-term objective of simplifying the intricacies of multi-chain DeFi, our team continued to widen the list of chains supported.

Skilled engineers built ETH bridge, which facilitates the cross-chain transfer of cryptocurrencies from the Ethereum blockchain to AirDAO’s Ambrosus Network (AMB-NET). This solution creates an entry point to the nascent AirDAO ecosystem from Ethereum, allowing users to transfer liquidity to AMB-NET’s incredibly secure blockchain and benefit from its low transaction costs and high transaction throughput.
Firepot Swap integration

Ecosystem partnered Firepot Finance’s decentralized exchange FirepotSwap, marking the first-ever native dApp in the AirDAO ecosystem. Our team used Uniswap V2 concept for architecture and interface creation as common as users are getting used to it as well as made smart contracts adoption to the ecosystem structure.

Public Launch & Further Support

This is only the start of AirDAO’s journey. Now we are in the process of updating the tokenomics and committed to expanding the ecosystem’s suite of products, concentrating on developing AirDAO mobile application, a native AMB wallet, a stablecoin solution, and DAO tools that empower new AirDAO partners to establish their own subDAOs using layered multi-signature technology.

Project outcome


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