DeFi Development by INC4

Take your financial operations to the next level by integrating a solution from the world of decentralized finance. DeFi is like fintech 2.0 – faster, more secure, fully transparent and with reduced risks.

Traditional Financial Approaches
Undermine Businesses Growth

P2P business

No extra fees
for intermediaries

Faster and secure


transaction fees

Unlimited scope
of implementation

Low threshold for

Utilizing decentralized financial services is the right choice for those who are looking for a completely autonomous solution, free from third party involvement.

DeFi Solutions for Your Use Case

INC4 provides all kinds of DeFi services; crafting bespoke solutions from scratch as well as updating existing ones. Choose the case covering your needs to bring a modern financial system to your customers.

Lending Platforms

Allow users to quickly lend or borrow any crypto-assets using the power of smart contracts. They support fiat payment gateways, advanced interest adjustments, and peer to peer lending.

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

A solution which provides quick and simple peer-to-peer (wallet-to-wallet) cryptocurrency transactions without the need for an intermediary.

DeFi Wallets

Custom, non-custodial app providing guaranteed control and security of digital funds to any user. You can add any functional module to your preference.

Smart Contracts for DeFi

Smart contracts are the logic behind any DeFi application. INC4 can help you develop a chain of autonomous smart contracts from scratch, or audit existing solutions to suggest ways of improving.

Staking Platforms

This solution allows your consumers to stake any digital assets on a supported wallet or exchange to gain passive income.

Custom dApps

Crypto Banking, lottery systems, crowdfunding, yield mining and insurance –these decentralized solutions and many other services are possible in the DeFi world.

Build Your dApp with INC4

We utilize a proven approach to building and deploying any DeFi service. Our process can be divided into several important steps.

Choosing a proper solution

Together with you, we will study the business request and propose the type of DeFi solution that we think suits you best.

Team formation

We will select the necessary professionals with the right technology stack to form your decentralized development team. This approach allows us to design any solution as quickly as possible, saving you time and money.

Development and Deployment

Development according to the business goals defined in the first stage. Next, we will run your project on mainnet.

Further advice

INC4 ​​provides project performance support and helps to resolve any emerging issues.

The team trusted by the clients

“Thanks to the efforts of the INC4 team, our company was able to improve its performance and became highly regarded in the community. The team's project management was highly flexible and accommodating, allowing for any changes our company requested regarding the workflow.”
“We hired INC4 in order to set up blockchain development, as well as to help develop our operations and a website. INC4 launched the mainnet in only 2 months, and its efficiency is constantly improving. NCIS handled everything — from the blockchain ecosystem to the implementation with Block Explorer and Network Dashboard.”
IoT network for enterprises
“INC4 designed and developed our website for a multi-coin mining pool. Their team built and configured the front and backend of the site and provided UI/UX design. Today, Minerall is ahead of the pack in terms of market profitability. Recently, we placed within the top-10 ETH mining pools world ranking, for managed capacity. I am highly satisfied.”

Want to create a top-tier DeFi service?

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