Fostering Growth and Innovations: INC4’s Role in AirDAO’s Development

AirDAO Development with INC4

For more than four years, INC4 has actively participated in the evolution of AirDAO. Walking side by side from ERC-20 $AMB Token in 2019 to fully decentralized community-driven DAO in 2023 and beyond. With the recently announced $500,000 grant from DWF Labs for ecosystem growth, we would like to dive into the history of our collaboration with AirDAO, unveil what’s on AirDAO’s 2024 Roadmap, and highlight how new projects can benefit from building on AirDAO. Let’s explore more – read on.

A Long-term Partnership That Started with Blockchain Consulting

Ambrosus (previous name of AirDAO) asked INC4 to provide expert blockchain technology consulting, helping them overcome challenges in implementing their Ethereum-based solution. Ambrosus was dealing with high costs and inefficiencies due to managing multiple outsourced contractors. Our cryptocurrency advisory was crucial in streamlining their processes, drastically reducing server costs from €68,000 to just $400 per month without losing performance or reliability.

We didn’t stop at consulting. INC4 directly enhanced Ambrosus’s technical capabilities, introducing self-deployed Hermes nodes and an admin panel. This allowed for better control and secure data sharing across the blockchain, making it easier for businesses to connect with the blockchain. Our efforts quickly paid off, enabling significant improvements in data decentralization and network efficiency within months.

Within 4.5 months of our partnership, Ambrosus launched its first public version, showcasing the immediate impact of our collaboration. INC4 continued to support Ambrosus by developing the Supply Explorer, a feature that provides a detailed view of the supply chain. This tool helped track products from production to delivery, ensuring data was both secure and accessible. Our ongoing work with Ambrosus highlights INC4’s commitment to applying blockchain technology for practical and innovative solutions.

Shaping a Decentralized Future: INC4’s Collaborative Impact with AirDAO

From 2022 to 2023, INC4 significantly contributed to AirDAO’s shift towards DeFi and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), aiming to make blockchain technology more accessible and community-focused. Our collaboration was centered on simplifying the user experience, from streamlining DAO setup and management to redefining AirDAO’s brand and tokenomics for better community engagement and compliance. By focusing on blockchain strategy, we helped AirDAO transition from its IoT roots to a community-driven platform.

Our technical expertise in smart contract services led to the creation of Apollo nodes and a user-friendly Block Explorer, making it easier for AirDAO users to interact with the network. We developed a custom staking platform that removed the complexity of participation in DeFi, allowing more users to engage without the technical hassle. This was part of our broader goal to enhance user experience and participation in AirDAO’s ecosystem.

Further, we played a crucial role in developing the ETH bridge and integrating FirepotSwap, AirDAO’s first native decentralized exchange. These advancements facilitated seamless cryptocurrency transfers and expanded the ecosystem, marking a milestone in AirDAO’s journey toward becoming a more inclusive and decentralized platform. Through our collaboration, INC4 has been at the forefront of supporting AirDAO’s mission to empower its community and drive blockchain innovation.

INC4 and AirDAO: Pioneering the 2024 Blockchain Frontier

In 2024, INC4 is excited to work with AirDAO on launching groundbreaking features that make the blockchain world more accessible and rewarding for everyone. Our collaboration will introduce and enhance initiatives within the AirDAO ecosystem, focusing on blockchain development to attract new users and onboard new projects. For a detailed look at what’s coming, check out the full AirDAO’s 2024 roadmap while we take a sneak peek at significant projects that will be rolled out this year. 

Key projects are poised to transform the AirDAO experience this year. ‘Legion,’ a novel bond marketplace, will revolutionize how ecosystem tokens are traded, offering efficiency and accessibility. ‘Mantis’ will bring fresh liquidity incentive mechanisms to a peer-to-peer marketplace, energizing the trading ecosystem. Additionally, ‘SourPatch’ will enable liquid staking, offering users more liquidity and utility for their staked assets, while ‘Court.Finance’ aims to make sophisticated financial tools more accessible, empowering users with insights for smarter investment decisions.

We’re also excited about the launch of the ‘AirDAO Wallet,’ which promises seamless blockchain integration with enhanced security and ease of use. A new network fee structure will make transactions more cost-effective, improving the user experience significantly. Furthermore, ‘Perps DEX’ will introduce a dynamic approach to futures trading, and ‘AirIndex & AirVest’ will offer unique investment platforms, broadening the horizons for ecosystem participants.

Adding to the AirDAO ecosystem’s growth, AirDAO has begun supporting new projects, starting with Modus, which received a $125,000 investment to innovate in real-world asset (RWA) property development. Additionally, DWF Labs announced a $500,000 grant for further ecosystem expansion. We’re eager to welcome new builders and projects to the AirDAO ecosystem, and INC4 is ready to assist with onboarding, ensuring a seamless transition and integration.

With the support of INC4, innovators can benefit from expert advice and technical assistance to bring their projects to life, contributing to creating a dynamic community that is shaping the future of decentralized technologies.

Whether refining project ideas, overcoming technical challenges, or optimizing performance, you can rely on INC4’s collective experience and resources to accelerate your path to success. Take advantage of this opportunity to create a project on the AirDAO ecosystem.

Embark on a Blockchain Adventure with Us

As we move forward, INC4 and AirDAO are teaming up to bring exciting changes to the world of blockchain. Our goal for 2024 and beyond is to make blockchain more user-friendly and open to everyone. We’re working on new features to help users, developers, and anyone interested in blockchain get involved and make a difference easily.

We’re inviting you to be a part of this adventure. Whether you want to create something, invest, or just learn more about blockchain, there’s a spot for you with us. With INC4’s knowledge and AirDAO’s innovative platform, we’re ready to explore new possibilities and grow our community. Let’s build a better blockchain future together.

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