Ambrosus: Layer-1 open-source blockchain

Global IoT network for supply chain management.

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ambrosus network
Ambrosus blockchain

The Ambrosus network is a Layer-1 open-source blockchain ecosystem for supply chains, ensuring the origin, quality, compliance and proper handling of items tracked by the network. Ambrosus’ primary focus is on improving supply chains for life-essential products, specifically food and medicine, although the protocol can be applied to almost any complex supply chain.



The development of the company’s own hardware and technology had been on track, but the technical implementation of the Ethereum-based solution was at risk. Ambrosus needed a boost to meet its deadline and present the decentralized network in strict accordance with the project’s roadmap.


The project initiation had been in responsibility of various outsourced contractors, who had developed separate parts of the project. This led to low efficiency and high costs of development. The client wanted to find a versatile outsourcing team to avoid the possible closure of the project.


Another main point the client wanted to solve is to minimize company costs for using servers and developers’ tools. As mentioned above, contractors used individual tools for their development processes, which caused a bloated budget for server support and monitoring solutions.

Team members

Architect, TechLead, 2 Blockchain Developers, 2 DevOps, 2 Front-End Developers, 2 QA, Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, 3 Advisors


It took us for the get-go launch of the blockchain

Tech stack we used

Smart contract
Solidity Node.js
Golang C++
SCSS React Redux TypeScript

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Research and Сonsulting

Initially, the INC4 team was asked to join the project as skilled advisors whose expertise could speed up the realization of Ambrosus’s vision. However, after the initial research and several personnel changes (which took place within the client’s company), it became clear that failure would likely occur with an implementation based on the current terms.


The first step on the way to creating a seamless Ambrosus blockchain was to conduct a comprehensive audit of the finished technical segment and an audit of the processes within the teams. In addition, we offered a development-on-demand methodology that allowed our professionals to reinforce client teams that were facing urgent problems.

DevOps Optimization

After an extensive auditing process and a close examination of each of the teams, the system was broken down into several segments, and INC4 entered the project as a full DevOps service. Our professional DevOps reduced the cost of using servers from €68K per month to $400 per month with the same performance and reliability by switching to standard server support and monitoring solutions.

Development Stage

Besides the servers optimization, INC4 expanded the client’s team with highly skilled blockchain engineers, including web and full-stack developers, allowing the development process to finally begin. 

As the network was initially conceived for blockchain & supply-chain collaboration, we created self-deployed Hermes nodes and an admin panel for network users that allows them to manage all the information of the manufacturing enterprise that has been uploaded to the blockchain. Moreover, integrated API provides a technical interface for interacting with the Hermes node, integrating clients’ businesses with the blockchain.

Also, we envisaged data decentralization and availability through bundles creation. Bundles are small packages of information in which wrapped data uploaded by users is sent to the blockchain network and stored on more than 300 nodes.

Public Launch & Further Support

In 4,5 months after the start of our cooperation, we made a public launch of the first version. Nevertheless, our story doesn’t end there. We are continuing to support the development of Ambrosus Network and launching various new features. One of them is supply explorer. This part of the product makes it possible to visualize the data in the web interface that was sent by the client (manufacturer) to the blockchain network. Users can see all the links between the bundles, if they exist, see all the loaded information, and follow the supply chain from the beginning of production to final delivery to the destination. This data can be both public or private – accessible only with a special key.

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Project outcome


Decentralized node operators


Transactions per second


Times more scalable than


Decrease in costs per month on servers and tools

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