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Yofan is a social media and content monetization platform created to change how creators earn from their content. The user-friendly interface allows users to upload photos & videos and then share them on various social media. With Google AdSense integrated into Yofan, influencers can share their passions and monetize their work.



To develop back-end components for a social media platform working in cooperation with a front-end team from another company.


To design the product architecture based on Google Services only from scratch.

Team members

Architect, Tech Lead, 4 Backend devs, 1 DevOps, 2 QA, Project Manager


with changes in scope

Tech stack we used

Node.js TypeScript Firebase Firestore Google Cloud Functions
Google Infrastructure
Indexing API Transcoder API API Gateway Firestore Storage BigQuery Pub/Sub Vision API Media CDN Video Intelligence API Firebase Authentication Firebase Cloud Messaging
Terraform GCP GitHub actions

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Research Phase

The discovery phase is the most crucial aspect of every new product. INC4 has involved the most experienced crew members: senior backend developers (with social network development background), an architect, and also INC4’s CEO and CTO as advisors to perform comprehensive analysis and build a capable and reliable architecture based on client’s requirements and product vision, to perform accurate delivery which covers all requirements, and initially fits available resources: budget, tech stack, estimates, functionality.

Backend Development

From the early beginning, INC4 took over the back-end development part. The dedicated team has provided the MVP development, which included building the entire back-end infrastructure (Google Cloud Functions), creating architecture, prototyping, and launching MVP. All planned and confirmed features were delivered in short terms. During the whole process, all represented changes and fixes were delivered and deployed quickly and smoothly. Moreover, we built seamless communication and worked collaboratively with the front-end team (with another client’s contractor), and independently resolved any issues that arose without the client’s involvement.


Across the development process, INC4 has provided additional specialists to build an automated deployment flow. Our DevOps professionals established a solid foundation for Yofan’s successful operation by constructing the necessary infrastructure, providing cloud optimization services, and automating the deployment pipeline. Additionally, we have executed all necessary configurations to upscale application and infrastructure performance according to the client’s changes and expectations.


As we got the MVP, we started preparing for a public release with full functionality. INC4 suggested involving a full-scale QA team to cover manual and automated testing flows. The QA team was responsible for a wide range of tasks, including manual and automation testing, documentation preparation, bug tracking, and use cases creation.

Public Launch & Further Support

After MVP was ready, we continued the development process and started working on public release. We implemented the best practices to build a reliable and seamless release flow, including documentation, code style improvements, refactoring, unit tests coverage, scaling, and optimization on every level of our field of responsibility. Once the product was released, we provided 24-hour tech support and continued to build new features.

Project outcome

Built a prototype to prove the concept

Designed the product architecture based on Google Services only (15+ Google Services used) 

Developed scalable and optimized infrastructure (API response latency decreased up to x5 times, Instance coldrun up to x3 times faster, Worldwide response speed up to x3 faster )

Released the product with full functionality that held out against bulks of users with no issues 

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