Top 10 Crypto, AI and Blockchain Trends That Will Define 2024

blockchain trends 2024

As 2023 ends, the INC4 roadmap for blockchain trends in 2024 shows how communities and projects have converged to forge a new era in digital innovation. In this article, we examine the top 10 blockchain trends that will be prevalent in the months ahead and are poised to reshape our interaction with the digital world.

1. AI + Blockchains: A Powerful Synergy

The combination of AI trends and blockchain technologies is creating a counterbalance to centralized AI systems. Decentralized blockchains offer a global, permissionless market for computing and data resources, making AI more accessible and democratizing its innovation. Moreover, blockchain technology aids in managing generative AI democratically and tracking the origin of AI-generated content. 

2. Entertaiment Boom in AI

Investments in AI are booming, with a keen focus on areas like machine learning algorithms and AI-driven analytics. The AI trends in industry are witnessing a shift towards specialized solutions tailored to specific sectors. One of the most rapidly expanding domains is AI for entertainment. In this realm, AI is being leveraged to create interactive experiences, acting as sophisticated conversational partners such as Candly AI, Replika, Eden, and capable of engaging in various discussions. This application of AI offers a new dimension to entertainment, providing dynamic and personalized interactions for users. 

3.  DAOs in Pioneering the Quality-Driven Evolution

In 2024, it is DAO that becomes the very point that can give interest to continue interacting with web3 products to users who have already passed onboarding. Now, we see the development of DAO on the principle of «not quantity, but quality.» And this quality, which AirDAO with INC4 already moved to the very level to make a tectonic shift in the entire web3 industry. 

4. VC Trends

As 2024 approaches, AI startups continue to attract investor interest across sectors like healthcare, finance, and autonomous vehicles, signaling a revival in venture capital driven by the need for AI integration in business. AI startups have stood out despite a broader funding slowdown, securing over $68.7 billion in 2023. PitchBook highlights significant investments in generative AI companies like OpenAI, Stability AI, and Anthropic, even amidst tough market conditions.

5. Revolutionizing HR: The Synergy of AI and Blockchain

AI is revolutionizing HR by automating tasks such as resume screening and interview scheduling, allowing HR professionals to devote more time to strategic roles. This technology also analyzes employee behavior, aiding in effective retention and development strategies. In parallel, blockchain trends transform HR processes, particularly background checks and credential verification. Its secure, transparent framework significantly minimizes the risk of fraud and errors. 

6. Revamping the Cryptocurrency User Experience

User experience in the crypto world is undergoing a major overhaul. The complexity that has been a staple since 2016 is simplified through innovations like passkeys, smart accounts, embedded wallets, MPC, and advanced RPC endpoints. These technologies are not only making crypto more accessible to the mainstream but also enhancing security and usability, surpassing the standards set by web2.

7. Elevating Security in Smart Contract Development

The importance of formal verification in smart contract development is becoming increasingly recognized. New tools are simplifying this process, leveraging smart contracts’ structural advantages and recent advancements in SMT solvers. This leads to more secure and robust smart contract protocols. 

8. Making Web3 User-Friendly with Account Abstraction

Web3 is becoming as easy as online shopping, thanks to account abstraction. That’s what abstraction is for – simplifying blockchain interactions and making them more user-friendly. Developers can now create smoother, logic-infused wallet experiences. Visa’s entry into the crypto world highlights this blend of Web2 simplicity with Web3 innovation. Rising blockchain activity indicates a preference for this ease of use. Efforts are expanding to make blockchain technology a practical part of everyday life.

9. DeFi’s Alignment with KYC 

The world of Decentralized Finance is adapting to incorporate Know Your Customer principles. This integration is expected to attract more institutional liquidity and volume, enhancing the competitiveness and value of protocols like Uniswap.

10. Fostering Interoperability and Cross-Chain Connectivity

Interoperability remains a crucial focus, with cross-chain solutions emerging as key enablers of a more interconnected crypto ecosystem. These solutions will facilitate seamless communication and asset transfer between blockchain networks, promoting collaboration and innovation.

Last Thoughts

The end of 2023 set the stage to dive into blockchain trends 2024 – the crypto industry is poised for unprecedented growth and evolution. Blockchain trends, highlighted here, demonstrate the industry’s dynamic nature and potential to revolutionize various aspects of our digital lives. From enhancing user experiences to integrating trending technologies like AI and blockchain, the future trends in blockchain are marked by innovation, security, and inclusivity.

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