We are the Tech Team Behind Your Success

Looking to enhance your business’ capabilities with innovative blockchain-based technology? Expand your suite of engineers with an experienced remote development team, tailored to your business needs.

Extend Your Capabilities and Cost-Efficiency

INC4’s in-house team has the talent and experience to speed up your journey to the perfect product. Our past successful collaborations p. have resulted in the delivery of secure mining pools, cutting-edge dApps and advanced DeFi applications.

Set up a new team

Building a tech team is tough. INC4 will help establish engineering processes by taking full control of your development. We will then prepare the project’s hand-over and test the skills of your candidates.

Scale your team

We focus on your business and core technologies while our team works as a remote extension for urgent tasks. We can quickly scale up a team through seamless cross-team integration. We also use secure interaction tools for reporting, so you can track progress regularly.

Solve a specific challenge

Our team can help expand your in-house knowledge base through creation of products or targeted support. In the blockchain sphere especially, it takes months to find professionals to quickly solve specific domain challenges. We remove this problem.

Accelerate release

Speed up the development of your product without expanding your staff. You can ask for dedicated specialists on-demand, meaning you will have the most efficient team at any given time.

The team trusted by the clients

“Thanks to the efforts of the INC4 team, our company was able to improve its performance and became highly regarded in the community. The team's project management was highly flexible and accommodating, allowing for any changes our company requested regarding the workflow.”
“We hired INC4 in order to set up blockchain development, as well as to help develop our operations and a website. INC4 launched the mainnet in only 2 months, and its efficiency is constantly improving. NCIS handled everything — from the blockchain ecosystem to the implementation with Block Explorer and Network Dashboard.”
IoT network for enterprises
“INC4 designed and developed our website for a multi-coin mining pool. Their team built and configured the front and backend of the site and provided UI/UX design. Today, Minerall is ahead of the pack in terms of market profitability. Recently, we placed within the top-10 ETH mining pools world ranking, for managed capacity. I am highly satisfied.”

Our Tech Stack

We have the agility and depth of knowledge to work with a range of languages and frameworks.
Bitcoin Bitcoin
Ethereum Ethereum
Hyperledger Hyperledger
Programming Languages
Python Python
Solidity Solidity
Golang Golang
Java Java
С++ С++
Kubernetes Kubernetes
Jenkins Jenkins
Cheff Cheff
Javascript Javascript
React JS React JS
Angular Angular

Why INC4?

  • 7+industries
  • 89projects
  • 20+people with blockchain expertise
By balancing speed, quality, and attention to detail, we’ve helped dozens of projects to carve out their own space within a competitive and rapidly changing technological sphere. Our tech specialists are great team-players with the right attitude and approach, who can meet the technological needs of clients from almost any blockchain-focused industry.

Ready to scale?

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