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05, August 2021

Top 10 stablecoins to watch – Exploring different types of stablecoins and their use cases

Seeing as stablecoins have become much more prominent as part of the crypto conversation, we recently published a general overview of the stablecoin landscape. While that blog post provides lots of great information, there was so much to write about that we decided to turn it into a two-part series, with this post giving you […]

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03, August 2021

Smart contracts – A Promising Future for Global Finance

Smart contracts have been touted as the next big thing for the better part of a decade now, becoming more well-known as blockchain gains further prominence and acceptance. There has indeed been some market penetration, with global banks and government institutions developing proof-of-concept systems and solutions to incorporate smart contracts on blockchain; however, mainstream adoption […]

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28, July 2021

Top blockchain development tools & frameworks to bring your project to life

As the technology continues to expand in the lucrative banking, cross-border payments, and supply chain sectors, blockchain software development teams are increasingly being sought after. As of May 2021, worldwide spending on blockchain solutions was US$6.6 billion, further propelling an atmosphere of creativity and innovation. Originally just associated with Bitcoin, blockchains have become more sophisticated, […]

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DeFi in detail: Exploring the stablecoin landscape

One of the most common words used when describing cryptocurrencies is volatility — and for good reason; it is the violent price fluctuations of the major cryptocurrencies that capture the attention of the public. Decidedly less attention is paid to stablecoins, which may not offer as much in the way of exciting headlines, but have […]

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13, July 2021

Trade Directly – The Rise of Decentralized Exchanges

At present, centralized platforms prevail in the crypto sector, but decentralized platforms are becoming more and more popular. They enable peer-to-peer (P2P) buying and selling by using smart contracts, meaning no third parties are required. Nonetheless, not all decentralized exchanges use one basic infrastructure. Some of them keep traditional order book models, while others leverage […]

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Enhanced security: top reasons why your DeFi & NFT project needs a smart contract audit

Despite the recent downturn in the crypto market, there are still some extremely interesting and worthwhile projects that are undergoing development. For every Dogecoin and Elon Musk-related headline that questions the legitimacy of blockchain as a truly innovative force, there is an exciting venture that receives less attention.  While some projects inevitably don’t get off […]

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