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01, August 2022

The New Generation of NFTs on NEAR

After more than three years of foundation and development, the NFT ecosystem continues to expand with a greater number of components. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in market size. In their short history, NFTs have burst into the world of cryptocurrencies, with trading volume exceeding $17 billion in 2021, according to CNBC. This […]

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14, July 2022

PembRock Finance: Leveraged Yield Farming on NEAR Built by INC4

Web3 is upon us, combining the information sharing and social capabilities of its two predecessors, but with the transparency and ownership that will go someway towards breaking up the control that owners of our favorite applications and networks currently hold. DeFi will play a large part in Web3’s infrastructure through its principles of decentralization and […]

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30, June 2022

What a bear market means for crypto and blockchain development

A broader downturn in the market, the Terra fiasco, ongoing talks of stricter regulation, tightening monetary policies, and accelerating growth of crypto theft have all contributed to the crypto bear market 2022. While the drop in the price of assets has indeed been shocking, we have been here before. 2018 saw a crypto bear market […]

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28, June 2022

What is the USN stablecoin, and why is it important to the NEAR ecosystem?

At the time of writing, the entire stablecoin market is worth over $180 billion. Their supply on the crypto market is growing rapidly, with USDT ($77.17 billion), USDC ($47.16 billion), BUSD ($17.53 billion), and DAI ($6.75 billion) leading the pack. Source: The Block Despite the large market capitalization of stablecoins showing that many people have […]

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21, June 2022

Music in Web3 – Fresh Opportunities, Earning Potential, and Avenues for Creativity

Music is an inescapable part of our collective human experience and culture, with Web2 giving us access to a range of music that our parents and grandparents could never have even dreamed off. This is largely down to the advent of streaming services, where any song can be heard at the click of a mouse. […]

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31, May 2022

What are liquid staking solutions?

All blockchains operating with the proof of work consensus algorithm use mining to validate and verify new blocks, which is an expensive and time-consuming process. Especially over the past year, there has been an intense focus on the environmental impacts of proof of work mining. According to the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, Bitcoin consumes […]

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