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19, November 2021

How is sustainable blockchain helping to combat climate change and reach net-zero emissions?

Climate change is accelerating, and dozens of industries are playing their part in the fight against it. The blockchain industry is no exception, coming under scrutiny recently for its role in increasing emissions. Luckily, being a young technology, blockchains are able to adapt and integrate new solutions more easily than long-established industries. In this blog […]

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12, November 2021

Is a Multichain Approach the Future of Blockchain?

With the advent of blockchain technology in 2009, people involved in the creation, development, and improvement of the Internet could not have thought that it would become a global solution for network security problems and personal data storage. The technology’s widespread success will depend on how various blockchains can interact with each other. Interoperability between […]

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06, November 2021

What makes Solana the best solution for blockchain developers?

Solana blockchain, or as it is called in the blockchain media – Ethereum Killer. “Solana is the fastest blockchain in the world and the fastest-growing ecosystem in crypto, with over 400 projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and more.” This is taken from the  Solana website and indeed sounds promising. But let’s not simply take this […]

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26, October 2021

What is Web 3.0, and Why Is It Important?

The global web is a relatively young but highly impactful technology that, in all senses, has transformed the way we interact today. When Tim Berners-Lee designed the primary concept for his new development, he described the internet as a “collaborative medium, a place where we could all meet and read and write.” The earliest generation […]

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21, October 2021

The rise of fractional NFTs: what does it mean for digital assets?

In the last couple of months, we have covered NFTs in some depth, first with an overview and dive into their technical aspects, then with a look at the trending projects and NFT marketplaces. According to the aggregate website NonFungible, despite the recent crypto drop, the trade in NFTs is still going strong. While the […]

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18, October 2021

INC4 & NEAR – A Solid Development Partnership

Since the beginning of 2021, NEAR Protocol has gained over 200 ecosystem partners and integrated with over 100 community guilds. We are excited to be joining the conference, where NEAR’s core team members will share valuable insights, celebrate the first anniversary since the mainnet launch, and let attendees know about exciting upcoming prospects. Regardless […]

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