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04, October 2021

The Layer 1 blockchain boom – how Cardano, Solana, and Cosmos are challenging Ethereum

When building decentralized applications, Ethereum is still king, providing the foundation for the vast majority of lending, assets and derivatives platforms, as well as decentralized exchanges. Despite its dominance, Ethereum’s issues of scalability, speed, and high transaction fees are well documented. While Ethereum 2.0 brings improvements, two of the three upgrades are not set to […]

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29, September 2021

Property tokenization: taking real estate to the next level

In a case representative of most of the developed world, a recent story from the BBC shows how house prices have steeply risen in Britain over the last year. A lack of affordable housing supply, coupled with a desire for bigger living spaces due to remote working, are just two of the factors involved. In […]

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03, September 2021

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs): transforming art, music, sports, and more

Surviving the period of ridiculous hype that came from Beeple’s $69 million NFT art sale, non-fungible tokens have become a mainstay of the blockchain and crypto universe. Although there are some who invest in NFTs simply to sell them at a higher price as the market heats up, the breadth and complexity of NFTs are […]

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30, August 2021

Decentralized insurance: Safeguarding the DeFi Sector

The insurance industry is a sector that no one really enjoys interacting with, but is necessary when dealing with areas of considerable risk. Despite security audits in the DeFi sphere becoming more commonplace, there are still high-profile hacks occurring. Just recently, US$600 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen from the PolyNetwork, a protocol that allows […]

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27, August 2021

Decentralized management in DeFi: Opportunities and Challenges

A recent blog post by Vitalik Buterin, Moving Beyond Coin Voting Governance, takes aim at the predominant way DeFi projects are governed; through the distribution of governance tokens, which confer voting rights based on the stake someone has in a DeFi protocol. This version of decentralized governance sounds good in theory, but Buterin points out […]

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18, August 2021

Exploring GameFi: the Next Big Trend to Follow DeFi and NFTs?

Mark Zuckerberg’s recent public enthusiasm for the metaverse has shone a spotlight on Facebook, Microsoft and various gaming platforms’ stake in this space. While mainstream media coverage continues to reflect the growing popularity and sophistication of virtual worlds, development continues as software and gaming companies expand their metaverse ambitions. What is less reported, is that […]

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