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24, October 2022

Top Platforms to Build DAO on NEAR

According to DeepDAO, at the time of writing, the aggregate value of assets under the management (AUM) of decentralized autonomous organizations stands at US$11.3 billion. This figure does not account for the funds that DAOs control but do not own, such as fees and staking rewards. DAOs reached their all-time high (ATH) in terms of […]

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27, September 2022

RPCs – Why are They Crucial to Blockchain Development?

We are racing toward Web3 with the promise of improved usability and functionality of decentralized applications for participants, brought about by greater infrastructure interoperability and better tools for developers looking to build custom apps. These tools are coming in the form of environments that guide blockchain developers in how to build apps and streamline processes […]

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12, September 2022

The Ethereum Merge — What We Can Expect + Top Myths Busted

Dubbed as ‘the most pivotal upgrade in Ethereum’s history,’ The Merge is shipping sometime around September 15. Long outdated, the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm it currently employs is finally getting retired. It is being replaced with a consensus algorithm that better meets modern requirements — Proof-of-Stake. This model has already been powering some of Ethereum’s rivals […]

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29, August 2022

NEAR & Web3: building a better future

Blockchain aficionados see a chance to reboot the internet, government, and society by moving into the Web3 era. Cryptocurrency fans are hailing its potential to bring 1 billion unbanked people into the financial world, but detractors believe that blockchain networks waste energy, with digital currencies being a Ponzi scheme and/or a convenient way for criminal […]

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11, August 2022

Blockchain in the Real World: The Case of Decentralized Science

Lately, we have been writing more about blockchain, Web3, NFTs, and their application in the real world. After all, for widespread use to occur, the sector needs to move on from hypothetical blockchain use cases and speculative investment in collectibles, to technology that helps citizens around the world live a better life. As we covered […]

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01, August 2022

The New Generation of NFTs on NEAR

After more than three years of foundation and development, the NFT ecosystem continues to expand with a greater number of components. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in market size. In their short history, NFTs have burst into the world of cryptocurrencies, with trading volume exceeding $17 billion in 2021, according to CNBC. This […]

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