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17, January 2022

Staking-as-a-Service Explained—Pros, Cons, and Popular Platforms

The premise is simple—blockchains are increasingly adopting the Proof of Stake model as it offers faster block validation and greater decentralization, all while being less resource-intensive. That being said, Proof of Stake can only work if there are users prepared to lock up their currencies to validate transactions and increase network security. Crypto holders are […]

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30, December 2021

The future of scaling on Ethereum: L2 projects to follow

Demand for the Ethereum network is increasing from year to year, the main growth driver being the DeFi sector and the NFT boom that occurred this year. To meet the demand of millions of users, Ethereum must offer fast, low-cost transactions. Against the background of these needs, an ecosystem of Layer 2 solutions is evolving […]

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20, December 2021

DeFi 2.0: preparing for the next megatrend of 2022

The growth of the DeFi sector throughout 2020 and 2021 saw an explosion of new projects for lending, asset trading, and profitable liquidity mining. The opportunity to make lots of money has attracted more and more day traders to these DeFi projects, who become extremely short-term stakeholders, selling immediately after making a profit. As a […]

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16, December 2021

The future is DAO: shining a spotlight on decentralized autonomous organizations

One of the concepts made possible by blockchain technology are DAOs, decentralized autonomous organizations. In this blog post, we will talk about what DAOs are, how DAOs crypto work, and their advantages and disadvantages over centralized management models. We will even meet the most unusual DAO examples and find out future prospects in this area. […]

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19, November 2021

How is sustainable blockchain helping to combat climate change and reach net-zero emissions?

Climate change is accelerating, and dozens of industries are playing their part in the fight against it. The blockchain industry is no exception, coming under scrutiny recently for its role in increasing emissions. Luckily, being a young technology, blockchains are able to adapt and integrate new solutions more easily than long-established industries. In this blog […]

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12, November 2021

Is a Multichain Approach the Future of Blockchain?

With the advent of blockchain technology in 2009, people involved in the creation, development, and improvement of the Internet could not have thought that it would become a global solution for network security problems and personal data storage. The technology’s widespread success will depend on how various blockchains can interact with each other. Interoperability between […]

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