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10, June 2021

Institutional Players and DeFi – Can Strong Interest Continue?

Coming to prominence in early 2020, DeFi was lucky to grow in lock-step with a flourishing cryptocurrency market. With institutional investors increasingly investing in cryptocurrencies, it was seen as a given that these same investors and institutions would eventually adopt at least some aspects of DeFi solutions. The risks were acknowledged but perhaps not taken […]

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26, May 2021

TOP 10 recent DeFi hacks that have affected the whole industry

Despite its swift growth and mass adoption, DeFi has earned notoriety as one of the most hacked blockchain protocols over the last few years. In 2020 alone, over US$470 million was lost to criminals. Let’s examine some of the worst hacks that have happened lately, and see the vulnerabilities in DeFi they have exposed. Why […]

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17, May 2021

Loans supercharged: How the DeFi services will transform the lending industry

Offering a clear and practical application for why decentralization, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies matter, DeFi services have been consistently developing and attracting serious interest since their relatively quiet expansion went big in early 2020. While most people are still getting their head around cryptocurrencies as an entity, decentralized exchanges, payment services and the purchase of derivatives […]

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28, April 2021

Building a DeFi ecosystem: The essential components for stable and secure infrastructure

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are gaining wider acceptance from institutional investors and the wider community in general, which means there are finally the conditions for innovative projects to thrive. The DeFi ecosystem has exploded in popularity in the last year, making financial instruments automated and more democratic. With the amount of investment and excitement, more decentralized […]

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Most promising blockchain projects in 2021
31, March 2021

Which blockchain projects will attract greater investment in 2021

A recent report by Deloitte shows that institutional support for blockchain technologies is at an all-time high. Combined with the statistics that almost $900 million of VC funds were invested in blockchain projects in the third quarter of 2020, and almost 80% of the projects that overcame a hard cap managed to do so in […]

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NFTs: a game-changing mechanism for ownership
29, March 2021

NFTs: a game-changing mechanism for ownership

While NFTs are not new, their popularity has exploded in the last couple of months, moving to the front and center of the crypto world, and being picked up by mainstream media publications around the world, including The Washington Post, The Guardian, and the BBC. The catalyst for this seemed to be the US $69.3m […]

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